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Looking for Players – PvE

My friend and I are looking for a guild that likes to spend their day like we do, behind their computer playing WoW ;). We're both not in a guild at this moment. So I got tasked with finding a guild for us.

We're looking for a fun and nice to talk and helpful guild, we're not the best raiders (yet!). We're both patient and can take criticism and up for learning, if we're doing something. The size of the guild doesn't matter to us!

-Friend: Retribution Paladin, 902 (904 in bag), Dutch, 18 Y/O, The more experienced
-Me: Holy Priest, 902 (903 in bag), Dutch, 18 Y/O, The less experienced (BUT THE BETTER ONE!)

If possible we would like a guild that:
-Uses teamspeak/Discord/Skype for the best raiding experience
-Raids multiple times a week
-Is welcoming to new members

I know it's allot to ask for, but it's our first time finding a guild so I am not sure what to ask for.
Take a look at our forum post and get back to me - Tymoa#2145

Hi Euro,

You may just write this post off as first of all we are an allaince guild based on a different server (details below). However we are a fairly new guild which is primarily set on raiding, this being said we are also going to be working on building the social side of the guild once we have a stable raid team. So far we mainly have vetrened players who are very active and have been playing the game for many years. At the same time we do have some newer players who we are helping and guiding towards becomming better raiders. The guild is currently in the community development stage and everybody is still fairly new to one another, so now is an ideal time join the community as everybody is on the same footing.

Our first raid night starts on the 10/7/2017 between 20:00 - 23:00 server time. We plan to raid mondays and tuesdays.

We are currently looking for more DPS to join however we are also working towards to 2/4/14 compostion which would enable another healing spot to become available in the very near future.
I am always on the look out for new players and if you think you would both be up for a faction and server change please don't hestitate to contact me in-game, I will leave my battletag information below. Alternativly I could direct you to one of the memebers who are online if you would wish to pass me your bnet tag.

I am usually online from 19:00 server time during the weekdays.

Guild: Call of the Void
Server: Silvermoon EU

(Bnet: Sythescar#2850)
<Liberum> on Tarren Mill: 7/9HC

Guild Created on Lightnings Blade during TBC opened its doors to fill the last few spots in our Roster for ToS.
We're a guild of friendships and a good time first, with steady progression alongside.

Liberum is built around a strong core who have been playing together for a long time
from all over Europe, with strong representation in the Netherlands, Denmark and the UK
and the group is growing.
If you can take and make a joke, have a lighthearted approach to conversation but still want
to progress steadily, we're the place for you!

Our raid times are:

Wed: 20.00 - 23.00
Sun: 20.00 - 23:00
Tues: 20.00 - 23.00

WoW isn't the be-all and end-all for Liberum players. So if you have a busy schedule but can make
the raid times, we are very understanding of this. We're also understanding if real life gets in the way.
Other games enjoyed by Liberum members include Counter Strike:GO and League of Legends, with games in
both being frequently made.

In summary, if you're a fun good natured person (with a dark sense of humour), you know how to play
your class to a good level, and can keep up with our raid times, we'd love to have a conversation.


The Liberum Officers:

Lillykins#2559 (Lillykins)
Kaasje#2886 (Kaasjuh)
Akarimi#2244 (Akarimi)

PS : you limited to just playing your holy spec ?? or eventually willing to get a dps spec ? cause atm looking how to fit in the healing spot but Always able to look how to fit you both in
Hoi daar,

Een beetje late reactie op je post (vakantie), maar zou graag met jullie in contact komen.

Ik ben een officer van de guild DutchCircle op Bladefist en wij bouwen gestaag aan een solide groep om te kunnen raiden. Mochten jullie je plekje nog niet gevonden hebben dan hou ik onze guild aanbevolen. Wij zijn een groep ervaren spelers die een casual raiding community aan het bouwen zijn. Normal TOS op farm en op heroic loopt het uiteen van 5/9 t/m Curved. Wij zijn nog steeds op zoek naar mensen die met ons gamecontent willen clearen en er een leuke tijd van willen maken.

Mochten jullie nog zoekende zijn dan hoor ik graag van jullie!

Typhòn (PartyCrusher#2475)
Hi there.

I see that you could be a great addition to our roster and guild. If you wish to join well organized enviroment, that raid at good level in its own pace but also have a good fun and laugh while doing it then pls add Adikon#2437 and let's talk on discord.
Hello Euromunt and friend :)
Heroic raiding guild VINTAGE on Ghostlands are recruiting new players for our raids. We are in search for:
couple of DPS and 1 TANK. Our progress is ToS HC 2/9
We raid twice a week (Wednesday and Sunday 20.30 -23.30 server time)
We have organised raids (with minimum requirements for joining which you can read in the rest of the forum if you decide to join us), people do dungeons together and we have many people logged in most evenings.
We have a more mature group of members. Our ages range from mid-20s to 50s. While age isn't always a sure indicator of maturity, it is a general guideline. To that end, we'd like applicants to at least be in their mid-twenties or so.
We try to maintain a fun, friendly, easy going guild.
If any of this is sounding interesting to you pls contact us in game:
Liva#2358 or use our forum to make an application: http://z15.invisionfree.com/vintageguild/index.php?showtopic=2

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