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DutchCircle is an old guild on the combined realms Bladefist/Frostwisper/Zenedar.

Back in the days we focussed on semi/hardcore raiding, but nowadays we do things casual. As time went by we have gained bigger priorities in life than Warcraft and play accordingly, but with the same amount of fun. The competative mind is still there though, hence our cry for members.

As our guildname might suggest; we are a Dutch speaking guild and therefore solemly looking for Dutch and Belgium players.

At this point we are working on a 2 day raid team on wednesday and friday from 20:00~23/24:00. As progression goes; Due to a shortage of members we are forced to pug some players, but have managed TOS normal 9/10 without much effort. Our focus now is to get raids going and clear Heroic asap.

We are a social bunch of people who do many things ingame together, like M+ old raids, transmog runs, whatever people want to do. We hang around on Discord all of the time to have some laughs and just chat with eachother. Fun is the most imoprtant thing.

If you are interested or want to know more, please give me a friend request and we'll have a chat :)


Typhòn (Btag: PartyCrusher#2475)
Update. Still LF Players to bolster our ranks. Due to roster issues we have achieved 9/9, but not yet as a guildrun.

Come on Dutchies N Belgium players; Join a relaxed and fun group of players and lets go through content together!

Cheers Brokkies (PartyCrusher#2475)
Sounds good! Is there room for players who can only raid one night or are 2 nights mandatory?
Allready spoke to you ingame and can happily say a guildmember richer; I will answer your question here for future reference.

No raid is mandatory, though it would be nice to see some attendance ofcourse on our raiding days. We are pretty casual if it comes to these things. We just pug if we come short on raiders.

See ya ingame Sunny,

Typhòn (PartyCrusher#2475)

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