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Hello everyone!

** UPDATED 7/5/2018 - I now accept gold on ANY realm for Nemesis Boosting. Individual races on realms not Tarren Mill to be discussed. A full Nemesis Boost run (all 7 races) costs 250k on any realm not Tarren Mill. **

I am boosting people through the Nemesis Quest lines situated within the Gladiators Sanctum inside of your garrisons. I can boost you to receive the preliminary quest item (E.g. Pandaren Heart) alongside with the 500 required kills in the follow up quest. The start up quest requiring 20 Broken Bones can also be acquired during the boost for no extra charge.

FULL boost runs involving all races start at 20.30 Server Time FRIDAYS Only!
I am selling for Horde players to kill Alliance races for the Warlords of Draenor related achievements and questlines.

I am charging 50k (50,000) gold per person per race. - Alternatively should you wish to buy ALL seven races, we will offer this for a discounted price of 250k (250,000) gold - Two races comes free! Note, I accept gold ONLY. This price is for Tarren Mill ONLY

NOTE: ANY payments NOT made on Tarren Mill, cost the equivalent of a WoW token OR no less than 350k - whichever is highest at time of purchase of services.

I am currently selling ALL Alliance races, these include:
Humans ----> Dwarves ----> Night Elves -----> Gnomes -----> Draenei -----> Worgen ----> Pandaren

Add and speak to me in-game if you need multiple races but have chosen the wrong race in line with our kill order - there may be a solution! Or, scroll down to our FAQ.

Also, check out mine and my old friends Nemesis Boosting forum topic from when we played on Tarren Mill, alongside all the feedback from other players:

Add my battle-tag below for further details - alternatively reply to this thread for any queries. We also have a Discord which is used to post news to Nemesis Buyers. You may use the Discord to show your interest in buying before adding my battletag

Leave the technical business to me. Contact us, set a date, and be on time, and expect swift and professional boosting. With a full group of 5 (so the multiplier is 5, it takes on average 20-30 minutes per race)

Q: What is the Nemesis questlines and achievement?
A: Please see the below links:

These are questlines obtained from your Level 2 Gladiators Sanctum in your Garrison. They require you to collect the heart of a specific race, turn in the quest, to receive a follow up requiring 500 kills to the specific race.

Q: How long does the boost take?
A: For one Nemesis quest, it will take around 20-30 minutes depending on technical issues. We ask for players who are buying all races, or multiple, to set aside around 3.5 to 5 hours AT MINIMUM for us to complete this on time. This can be affected by slow payments, drop outs, or late comers, or even phasing issues!

Q: I need all races, but I am on a different Nemesis quest than the race you begin with, what can I do?
A: If this is the case, please have an alt leveled, with a Level 2 Gladiators Sanctum, and reach the quest-line to burn an effigy. Please choose it in our kill order. Unfortunately there is no way for a player to dismiss a Nemesis Questline on a character that has already burnt an effigy, so choose carefully! Please speak to us in-game if you have chosen a race not in line with our order - there is always a work around!

Q: I am on a different realm to yourselves, how do I go about paying for this boost?
A: I will have many alts/bank characters to accept the gold from yourself, which will even be at the boosting location for your convenience!
I added you !
29th July till the end of August - Prices cut in HALF. Add me to book a Nemesis boost.

(This offer has expired)
Bumping this!
Half price offer is gone, however Bloody Coin boosts and simple Honor Kills / Honor Farming VIA killing my Alliance toons is now available. Add my battlenet to discuss options, costs etc :)

Bloody Coin boosts vary between 5,000 - 60,000 gold
Honor farming costs 10,000 gold per hour which gives both Honor towards artifact appearances and Honor levels, as well as Honor Kills towards achievements.
Just purchased and completed Bloody Coin boost. The method was super fast and efficient - 2000 coins in 50 minutes. Sakaru was great and easy to deal with.

Highly recommended, easy and fun :)
bump :D
Nice; friendly and easy boost service; takes you 45 mins roughly to get 2000 coins done :)
Definitely recommend getting it!

Selling Nemesis: Terror of the Tushui (Pandaren) Sunday 15/10/17 at 12pm Server Time for people interested. Got 3 spots left. Discount for full parties :)
Had a smooth run for panda nemesis today, good price, Sakaru is a really nice guy, would recommend!
Just bought the Nemesis: Panda, went fast and painless!

I now do twink boosting from 101-110 for 2k per run per person. Hit me up on my battletag to arrange this :)

I'll boost on any server but ALL payments must be made on Kazzak EU Horde
Nemesis:worgen went smoothly today. Highly recommend this guy :)
BUMP! - Now accepting gold on NY EU realm while character slots are available!

Now boosting Talon's Vengeance reputation. 3 hours for friendly to honored. Getting to exalted is also possible. Speak to me in game to arrange a date and price.

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