[A] Red Suns Recruiting 9/11M. Closed

Thunderhorn / Wildhammer
Hello there Thunderhorn/Wildhammer.

Red Suns in looking for new members to join our casual 2 nights a week raiding team. Our goal is to continue pushing further into Antorus Mythic and reach cutting edge.

Who are Red Suns
Red Suns originally formed back in TBC and quickly rose to be one of the top guilds on the server. During TBC+Wotlk we were one of a few guilds on Thunderhorn to clear the hardest content at the time killing Illidan, Kil'jaden and Yogg Saron in Wotlk. The guild officially stopped raiding just before Trial of the Crusader in Wotlk.
Legion brought back most of our core raiding team from the past where with the release of Nighthold we decided to start raiding again. During NH we stuck to clearing heroic building our foundation and getting our roster steady.
Our march continued into ToS making steady progress in heroic. We finally made the jump into a mythic raiding during the end of ToS clearing 5/9M.
Now we are setting our sights on Antorus with a steady core mythic raiding team and looking forward to the challenges Mythic will bring us.

What can we offer you
A bunch of friends who have been playing games (not always WoW) together for over 11years.
Friendly, mature and relaxed raiding atmosphere.
Mature community of players with the guild having an average age of 30.
Roster bolstering some of the longest serving players on the server willing to part their knowledge and help.
Group of players looking to push the hardest content the game has to offer while keeping the game fun.
Active raid roster who are on daily pushing M+ or just relaxing with some PvP or Arena.

What we want from you
Players who share our mindset and aren't afraid of a few wipes.
Can make both our main raiding day.
Geared ready for Mythic content with 75traits.
Knowledge of Mythic fights and preferably 11/11H experience.

Raiding Times
Wednesday 20:30-23:30 Server Time
Sunday 20:30-23:30 Server Time

Optional Friday Alt run 20:30-23:30

What are we looking for

Melee DPS

Ranged Dps


We will always consider any exceptional applications if your spec isn't listed.

If interested please contact in game
Vaint Btag Resolve#2145
Miya Btag miya#2371
Javelin - Btag Javelindog#2557
Jerian Btag Jerian#2300

Melee and Healing slot have been filled.

Currently just looking for some Ranged Dps
now 7/9 H
8/9H now.
Updated the recruiting section.
Looking for a few more dps melee+ranged
Finally killed KJ, 9/9H
Still searching for Ranged Dps
Thank you for all the application during Tomb so far.
We are currently closing recruitment as our team is now full.
We may still consider exceptional Ranged players.
Hey again Thunderhorn/Wildhammer.
Red Suns is opening recruitment again as we now move into mythic raiding full time.
We are looking for more Ranged dps to fill out our team. Feel free to contact me if your interested.
Now 1/9M, Still looking for a few good Ranged DPS players to bolster our mythic team.
Jesus another one of the old alliances still going!

Big bump for you guys.

Regards beckmiester
Just updated the recruitment status, our melee team is open to some new recruits!
Looking for more Ranged dps players to join our two night a week raiding. If interested in TOS mythic prog and Antorus prep give us a shout.
5/9 M, Thank you to Rebound for the assist.

Still looking for 1more RDPS to fill out our roster going into Antorus.
Small Bump, Updated the whole recruitment post and swapped around what we are looking for currently!
Updated recruitment. We’ve got 1 ranged dps spot and one healing spot left for our core mythic raiding team!
Healer spot has been filled. Still looking for one more Ranged player.
Looking to join a raiding guild as our guild is a social guild. Have experience of raiding. Will try to message you in-game. Kindest Regards Karrie
Best bet is to add my bnet karrie. I’m a shift worker so on at random times of the day.
Updated recruitment status too ^^
Have added you now :)
Hope to catch you at some point.
Recruitment updated, started with normal tonight 11/11 cleared.
1st Night Clearing Heroic, Went 7/11.
Still looking for one more solid ranged DPS and a Healer.

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