[A] Red Suns Recruiting 9/11M. Closed

Thunderhorn / Wildhammer
Updated recruitment.
Also now 1/11M
Just wanted to stop by and congratulate you on a bloody awesome recruitment post, especially the big love shown for another guild. Love the community spirit :)

Good luck on your adventures, great to see such a big, old guild going strong.

Love from another Vanilla Guild x
An active, high level raiding Red Suns makes Thunderhorn seem just that little bit more like home again. To any prospective applicant, joining these guys will be one of the best decisions you can make.
Unfortunately one of our tanks has informed us he’s leaving the game so we have 1 Tank spot open.

Also thank you for the kind words above ^^
Also looking for a few more ranged dps.
Balance and Hunters
We are currently closed for recruitment atm.
Also now 2/11 after finally killing the dogs.
Took down portal keeper tonight.
Main raid team recruitment is closed but we are still taking in social players.
It never lasts long.
Recruitment is open again.
Looking highly for a Boomkin at the moment and a few other dps classes.
Also looking to add a Holy Pali to our line up.
Managed to find ourselves a Holy Pali.
Still looking for 2 Strong DPS players to join our mythic team.
Recruitment updated. Still looking for one more solid Ranged DPS
Down goes the Soulhunter. 6/11M now
Updated what we are looking for.
Especially searching for a DK dps, Hunter and Mage
KinnyG goes down. 7/11M now.
Recruitment updated.
Looking for 1 more dps to join the team and a Holy pali.
8/11M now. Crack daddy vari goes down.
Recruitment updated again.
Looking for Melee DPS to join our team and a Healer
Recruitment is now closed again.
My word red suns still going! Beckmiester here btw if you have some old school members. I may be coming back to give the new content a bash? Do you guys take on veterans for the social side of things?

Regards Becks

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