Favourite Zone In Each Expansion and why

Just wondered what since everyone plays this game from different perspectives.. so what are your favourite zones?

Vanilla: (pre cata revamp)
Dun Morogh - my first ever char was a dwarf paladin so this zone and it just blew my little 12 year old mind, so it'll always be special :)

Zangarmarsh - many will disagree with this, but personally I really enjoyed the spooky blue atmosphere and giant mushroom canopy whilst questing in there.

Howling Fjord - the music, I rest my case.

Uldum - was a BIG fan of the Egyptian style desert land and architecture, the storylines are quite good as well from what I remember.

Kun-Lai - don't really have an outstanding favourite in Pandaria, but I generally like mountainous regions so I'll say Kun-Lai

Frostfire Ridge - although I'm mostly an alliance player, I did have a couple of Horde characters in WoD and really liked this hostile snowy wasteland you begin in, also a better Garrison.

Broken Isles:
?? - despite having Legion since launch, I still haven't got around to playing much in the broken isles with my highest char being a 103, so I can't give a favourite, but I have enjoyed Stormheim from what I've seen so far.

What's your opinions on the many zones in WoW? :)
Didn't play Vanilla so I won't comment on those zones, i do like dun morogh too though.

TBC: Nagrand, it's obviously a pretty zone, but I also have the best memories in that zone. Ring of blood, my first real rep grind for the talbuk mounts, farmiung adamantite ore to turn into bars for gold.

WOTLK: I just thought it was a beautiful zone, loved the vibes from being in the forest.

CATA: Uldum. Love the dungeons situated within the zone. Loved how open it was. Was a nice contrast to go to a sunny, Egyptian style zone.

Pandaria: (Excluding the small patch zones, because I loved Timeless and Thundering) it's tough, I'm with you that I don't have an outstanding zone form MoP, I kind of semi-enjoyed them all, hated none, none stand out either though. I spent most of my time in Kun-Lai summit farming ore though, so i'll say that.

WoD: The new nagrand. When I get level 98 and first went into that zone, it felt enormous, the global chat was lively with people hunting rares, and I genuinely felt overwhelmed for a few moments. I also farmed in that zone (again, like the past expansions) for gold at the start.

Legion: I guess Highmountain. Neither zone is really amazing to me, there are parts of each zone that annoy me.
Vanilla - Silverpine Forest
The Burning Crusade - Blade's Egde Mountains
Wrath of the Lich King - Zul'Drak
Cataclysm - Vashj'ir
Mists of Pandaria - Jade Forest
Warlords of Draenor - Spires of Arak
Legion - Suramar
Vanilla: Plaguelands. I love killing zombies.
TBC: Azyremyst Isle.
WoTLK: Icecrown. Again, zombie-killing is good fun(And the quests are good)
Cataclysm: I really like Uldum for the quests, not so much the scenery.
Pandaria: The Jade Forest is very beautiful, but the quest in the Valley are awesome.
Draenor: Shadowmoon Valley. It is just awesome.
Legion: Val´Sharah. Pretty, good quests and no Illidari telling me, a Death Knight, that they have sacrificed everything and that I have not(You are still alive, !@#$%^-s).
Vanilla: Duskwood, i didnt play so much in vanilla so my char was only like lvl 20-30.

TBC: hellfire peninsula, the sound of the fel reaver were just amazing.
Wotlk: howling fjord, such a beautiful zone.

Cata: vashj'ir, it felt so huge and it was a pretty zone aswell.

Pandaria: Jade forest, i absolutely love the theme of that zone and the music is awesome.

Draenor: Talador, didnt really like wod so much but for some reason i always liked this place, dont know why haha.

Legion: highmountain, standing on the top of the mountain and just look around is pretty neat.
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Vanilla: The Barrens.
Apart from the chat this was where the majority of my early WoW experience was. I kept wandering around in awe, the music really immersed me and it felt like a proper world to me. Didn't have a single addon and didn't use google to help me.

Outland: Zangarmarsh.
I'm one of those who felt Outlands was overall a very dull continent. Didn't particularly enjoy any of it aside from Zangar and Nagrand. Chose Zangarmarsh because it's one of the more unique zones of WoW and I just enjoyed exploring it mindlessly.

Northrend: Grizzly Hills.
I like the theme but the music is what won it for me :p

Cataclysm: Uldum.
Again it was mainly the theme but I liked questing there and like Zangar it's just a really unique zone for me. Just one of those I've always loved.

Mists of Pandaria: Isle of Thunder
Although I loved MoP I wasn't overly fond of the continents main zones but IoT and Timeless Isle were really well done for me. Atmosphere was cool and the new troll models were really nice.

Warlords of Draenor: ...all of it?
Honestly I liked the entirety of Draenor. Whilst it was my least favourite gameplay wise, I think the continent was beautiful. Every single zone was really cool and I sorta miss being there.

Legion: Val'sharah.
Again I like most of Legion but Val'sharah's forests have to take the cake for me. Argus looks pretty good for a broken alien world though so I'll have to see how that plays out.
Vanilla: I so wish I had seen the Vanilla world. In post-Cata terms, my answer is ALL of them, except maybe Felwood and EPL. I love every bit of them.

TBC: Hellfire Peninsula. That sense of desolate grandeur and strangeness I got when I first passed the portal stays with me every time I go there.

Wrath: Storm Peaks. Or Grizzly Hills. No explanation needed. :)

Cataclysm: Mount Hyjal. They're all good, but I do love my wooded hills!

Mists: Timeless Isle. If you limit it to original zones, Jade Forest.

Draenor: None, really. I suppose Nagrand, since it retains qualities of TBC Nagrand.

Legion. Highmountain has a decent amount of space, without the mazelike elements of Val'sharah and Azsuna, or the optical illusions of Stormheim, or the deliberate tree root annoyances of Suramar.
Best and worst:

Best=The Barrens

Worst=Hellfire Peninsula

Best=Grizzly Hills
Worst=Borean Tundra

Worst=all the underwater zones

Best=Valley of Eternal Blossom
Worst=Dread wastes

Worst=Spires of Arak

Classic: old Azharas, so mysterious!

TBC: Hellfire Peninsula, just madness on Pvp enabled Servers. And later on, Isle of Quel Danas.

Wotlk: Borean Tundra. Dunno the Music and Snowy Icy thing just appealed to me.

Cata: Hyal nice Quests nice Visuals not boring at all.

MoP: Jade Foresst but none really stood out for me, just took Jade cause it was our first Pandaria Area.

WoD: Garrison Map. No just kidding, Shadowmoon Valley and Frostfire Ridge on Horde.

Legion: Stormpeaks, Aszuna looks nice but got a bit boring now :(
Vanilla: Mulgore - first character was a tauren, nice memories and beautiful zone
TBC: Hellfire Peninsula - I hated it at first but now it's most iconic zone of Outland for me
WoTLK: The Storm Peaks - I love snowy zones, it's not full of scourge and it has two of my favourite rares: TLPD and Skoll
Cataclysm: Uldum - some mobs and quest were a bit annoying (pygmies) but the zone is just wonderful
Pandaria: Kun-Lai Summit - I live in Switzerland and I really love high mountains, so I feel at home in this zone :-)
Draenor: Shadowmoon Valley - just beautiful and calming, love the colours too.
Legion: Val´Sharah - Nice atmosphere.
Classic: Ashenvale - I loved its calming music, but you know you were in the middle of a few battles, due to where Astrannar was located with the Horde in the very Southern reaches as well as the Naga along the coast and the corrupted Furbolg and such. It was really big and due to this being a fairly new game for many, having such a big zone with the combination of calm music and actual battles taking place...it did draw me in.

TBC: Nagrand - I just really, really enjoyed it. The scenery was great with the sky. Just a well made zone by the Blizzard art devs.

WoTLK: Dragonblight - I just loved this zone. I loved the Horde/Alliance, working partly against each other and helping each other as well as the battles against the Scourge and the Scarlet Onslaught. As Horde, I loved the quests that revolved around New Hearthglen. I also really liked the Battle for the Undercity quest and again, as Horde, it felt even better.

Cata: Hyjal - Much like Nagrand, just really enjoyed it's look and feel. I understood the story behind but it was more about it's appearance and the ease of the quests.

MoP: Jade Forest - As much as I loved MoP, I didn't really get all to invested in the story after the Jade Forest. I mean, I understood what was happening in the Karasang Wilds and such, but for me, the Jade Forest was sort of that heart to the Pandaren lifestyle, but still continuing that Horde vs Alliance theme as well. Obviously, as patches were made, we were able to see more of the faction conflict, like the Blood Elves vs the Kirin Tor and the High Elves.

WoD: I didn't end up playing much of WoD what-so-ever, but my favorite would probably be Shadowmoon Valley. Every other zone, including Frostfire, I found dull, uninteresting and boring.

Legion: Azsuna - I don't know what it is about Azsuna, but I just always find myself completely it on all of my alts. Whether I complete the others is up for debate, but Azsuna...I just get really immersed into the quests and the story surrounding the Naga and the Night Elf ghosts of Azsuna. The only thing, that lets Azsuna down is the small faction conflict at the end, where Horde saves Forsaken and Alliance killed Forsaken...that little bit felt forced and was not necessary.
Vanilla: Dun Morogh - most of the characters I've created throughout my time playing WoW have started out as dwarves; plus, this character I'm posting on who I've mained since Wrath started out there as well. So this zone and its soundtrack will always be a special place for me.

Burning Crusade: Netherstorm - other than looking really cool and again having an awesome soundtrack, it's also the zone which introduced us players to the ethereals and their technology, which I've always particularly liked (hopefully they'll be added as a playable race someday.. plz blizz).

Wrath of the Lich King: Storm Peaks - I really liked the questing there as well as the overall presence of titan architecture and whatnot; plus it's home to my favorite raid in the whole game, Ulduar.

Cataclysm: Uldum - I personally loved the whole Indiana Jones theme with the quests, and the fact that it was basically ancient Egypt in WoW was cool too.

Mists of Pandaria: Kun-Lai Summit - what can I say, I was a fan of the Shado-Pan presence and of course the grummles... what's your luckydo?

Warlords of Draenor: Nagrand - I think I preferred this zone's more dispersed set of quest hubs; you more or less had a much more non-linear storyline compared to other zones as well as a whole load of potential hunting to do in between, which I really liked. Oh, and the zone also looked amazing.

Legion: Azsuna - not sure why this one in particular since I thought all the Legion zones were good; I guess this one stuck out for me because of its soundtrack reminding me of SWTOR for some odd reason as well as the naga being the main enemies there.
I never played Vanilla so I will start with TBC.

TBC: Terokkar Forest because I remember being stucked to one quest when I started my adventure in WoW. Also the music gives me chills and I just like trees and shades in this forest.... I like how you enter Shatrath from there. My favourite place in this exp.

WOTLK: Howling Fjord and Grizzly Hills but if I need to pick one it would be HF. I totally love the music there, I love Scandinavia and Canada, so you can say why I picked these two locations. When WOTLK was over I could still come back to HF and listen to the epic music and sit on the cliffs. I love that.

CATA: This is hard, because for me Cata was the worst expansion yet but I would pick Hyjal, cause I like druids and night elves :P Nothing else, just boring exp for me....

Pandaria: Krasarang Wilds because it is wild and full of animals, also enjoyed Nat Pagle quests in here (ironic).

WoD: Shadowmoon Valley for me cause I enjoyed first quests as alliance here....Great storyline, great music, chilled feeling like I had in Terrokar Forest in TBC.

Legion: Stormheim....Scandinavia, fjords, vikings....wolves...Odin...fantastic...one of my favourite zones at the moment. Loved the quests as well, my first location when I level 100+ character
Vanilla Redridge Mountains, peopel really underestimate this one, it had everything a large town, hills with gnolls, lakes with elite treshers and murlocs, orc ambusheres, evil warlock tower, forests, orc keep, lumber mill, hidden vendors, thrilling deaths when you walked to far to the border and ended up on the burning steppes, and best of all, a lot of players since it was level 15-25 range.

TBC Nagrand, really for the PvP bombing objectives and because every other zone was a wasteland.... felt like the only place with real nature, that wasn't a swamp...

Wotlk Yeah Howling Fords hands down, I was there on launch day, best into experience ever when you arrive in the alliance ford and start questing aorund, finding vykrul and werewoles (worgen).

Cataclysm Uldum, visually the best, quest based the best, archeology wise the best, proffesion wise the best ;p They just had so much lore and culture to work with, + their own version of Indiana hones, it just had to be awesome, which it was.

Panda express I liked the organge chicken, though sometimes the sauce is either too watery or you just taste they added sugar and dough isntead of actual herbs, the wokked shrimp is pretty nice though

WoD There wasn't, I hated all of those places, probably because they waited far too long before giving out flying mounts, they also forced you to find treasures everywhere and do creature grinds to unlock the achievments, now I hate all places there.

Legion There is no real different in zones, everything is tightly connected and small scale, I can just take a fly path to any place and get there within 2 minutes, all quests are more or less the same too, daily quests, artifact quests, 5 pillar of creaton quests, I could not differentiate them. If I had to pick one I'd say Surumar, because it's the only one a bit different due to the main story quest lines and surumar city.
Vanilla: Hinterlands. I just freaking love the place, the. The music, the quests. Plus it has a huge eagle, a portal to a dream world and a troll moutian city, what more could you want?

TBC. Nagrand, the sense of wonder, the music and astetics the first time you walk(ride) in there.

Wrath. That's right, you gussed it Grizzly hills. You know why.

Cata. Vashj'ir simply because of the uniqueness of it, and i really enjoyed the questing there the first time i did it.

Pandaraia. Vally of the four winds. Again the music, but also the rolling farm lands, the green peaceful feel. And you had your own farm there too.

Warlords. Shadowmoon vally, the mystic, gloomy feeling, the story.

Legion. Azuna, i like costal zones.

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