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Major Announcement: Please note the guild is no longer accepting novice members and is now only accepting Advanced Traders and beyond.

I. Introduction

<Economists> is one of the very few (if not only) gold-making focused guilds in World of Warcraft looking for traders and auctioneers to join its’ team. Join a group of highly knowledgeable members on a quest of profit maximisation.

The Alliance guild founded on Silvermoon, one of the busiest PVE servers in Europe, has clear goals and is inviting like-minded individuals to join the team. Novice traders or Elite established traders, we would like to thank you for your interest and hoping to see you with us soon!.

i. Our Crest:


Here beginneth the topic proper.

II. The Rules

While we are flexible, the rules do not bend and every member of the guild from the Guild Master to Novice traders must follow the following set of rules:

    i. Under no circumstance will a member of the guild be involved in selling or buying gold for real money through third parties. Any member that gets caught doing so will be kicked out of the guild and will be reported to Blizzard. You are supposed to be an example of trading genius. The buying and selling of WoW Tokens and TCG loot cards is allowed. Blizzard introduced this, we really cannot oppose them.

    ii. While organised and beneficial debates are allowed and encouraged in guild chat, drama is not nor is flaming or shaming. We do not tolerate, racism or sexism. This is not the place to share your hatred against a certain group of people or religion. Any member that is caught involved in any of what was mentioned will be reported to Blizzard and kicked from the guild immediately. Political and religious discussions are not allowed in the guild chat.

    iii. Asking for gold is forbidden in the guild and will result in being kicked from the guild immediately.

III. What Happens inside Economists?

We discuss current prices, availability and profitability of the various items we intend to sell or buy. We also work collaboratively to make the maximum profit out of items by avoiding under-cutting each other, buying under-valued items and controlling market prices.

IV. Who Can Join?

Previously, the guild was wide-open to all those genuinely interested and welcomed top traders as well as novice traders. We are still the same however, we are no longer able to accept any more new novice members.

We believe in quality over quantity and developing a tight-knit community. We maintain high-standards and expect the same from new applicants as well as current members. The guild also, periodically remove inactive members that did not log-in for a while and did not leave a reason.

We understand that some of you are already involved in guilds where you raid, PVP or both. We welcome bank alts as well as main characters.

Once your application has been accepted, you are free to join with all your profession/bank toons.

V. Our Ranks

In a typical guild, classes are based on your role in the guild, so you get raiders, PVPers, filthy casuals (jk we <3 casuals) and in this very community, your rank will be based on your wealth.

    i. Master Traders
    Gold-cap reached on three or more characters or its' equivalent in trade-able items on Silvermoon.

    ii. Elite Traders
    Gold-cap reached on a single character or its' equivalent in trade-able items on Silvermoon.

    iii. Advanced Traders
    Four million gold reached on Silvermoon

    iv. Novice Traders
    Default user class for new joiners and for those with less than 1 million gold on Silvermoon.
    Please note that this position will no longer be rewarded and the guild is now only accepting Advanced Traders and beyond.

Once you have hit the required gold amount to advance, you can ask the Guild Master for promotion.
Note that you do not need to retain the gold to retain the rank.

VI. Get in Touch!

Contact us in-game for more information or if you would like to request an invitation. If we were not online, feel free to leave us a mail to the following members:

    i. Xwe [Guild Master]
    ii. Kaljan [First Officer]
    iii. Trinexur [Second Officer]
    iv. Iámbroke [Third Officer]

VII. Concluding Thought

Gold can buy you better gear, better mounts, better pets, better boosts. Gold can buy you a better life.

Revision: 1.43 - 04 / September /2017
All Powers in the Heights,
All Powers in the Depths,
All Powers of the Horizon,
Ye Watchers and ye Spirits all,
I bind ye all unto the One Circle of the Arte Magical.
Attend and bear witness the formulation of our gathering,
And help us reach the highest heights of Might.
All the way to the top!
Bump :)
In God We Trust!
awesome idea for a guild :) really creative. just hope you wont crash the market. inflation is already getting out of control!
01/08/2017 20:45Posted by Palaplus
awesome idea for a guild :) really creative. just hope you wont crash the market. inflation is already getting out of control!

Thank you kindly, Palaplus!. <3
01/08/2017 20:45Posted by Palaplus
awesome idea for a guild :) really creative. just hope you wont crash the market. inflation is already getting out of control!

Your kind words are much appreciated. Thank you.
We like to have fun at ECO!

U are not the only goblin guild out there, i am in one over on Argent-dawn right now.
That is fantastic to hear but, as you can imagine, this is a recruitment thread and we would like it not to be derailed. Hopefully we will be in touch soon, though!. Cheers! <3
All the way up!
Bump :3 Cmoon boys join the diiscooord <3
Up and away
The Rockets are fun to have!


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