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Emerald Dream / Terenas
Just realized our recruitment post is long buried so taking some initiative to fix that, but most of you on this server know us, if you're new, hello! Current recruitment positions are on the website. I'll just copypaste our description. But from my own experiences; If you are someone on Horde who's looking to take their game up a notch while enjoying some cheery atmosphere and good friends. We're the ideal solution for you. Alot of us are off to Blizzcon personally this year as a large group of 13, we enjoy some genial relations with other top end guilds on the server and just generally try to be as open and welcoming as we can to all.

Link to the website:

About us:

OMEN was created in order to satisfy our desires to explore the endgame content World of Warcraft has to offer, all while having fun in a nice social atmosphere. Ever since the guild was formed about 10 years ago we have been among the top guilds of the server and a top horde guild.

Our guild is made up of members mostly around 20-30 years old who appreciate social qualities such as maturity, tolerance, patience and reason; and we try our best to abide by ideas and principles of fairness, kindness and mutual respect. Though when it all comes down to it we are really just a bunch of relaxed people who enjoy a shared laugh as much as the challenges of raiding.

For recruitment status see above; however we may also consider recruiting good players of other classes, so don't hesitate to apply if you think you would fit into our team!

Recruitment info and our expectations.

We raid 3 nights per week:
Wednesday, Sunday and Monday.

19:45 invites, 20:00 raid start, 2300h raid end (all game time).

- The trial period usually lasts 2-3 weeks.
- You must be able to attend at least 65% of raids, but the higher the better
- You are an adult and mature person with control over your own playtime.
- You own a computer with good hardware able to perform well in raid situations.
- You have a good understanding of classes and game mechanics.
- You have good raiding experience and an off-role invested artifact.
- You are expected to be able to bring your own consumables in raids: both flasks and potions.
- You have Discord installed and are able to listen (talking is fine too! :D)

The Ideal Candidate:
If you are interested in learning new encounters and constantly improving then you will fit right in! Our ideal candidate is someone who generally spends a lot of time playing this game: a person who loves playing their class, has ways of working around its weaknesses; a player who appreciates what responsibilities they have, and can understand and meet the expectations others will have of them.

You need to enjoy progress raiding and be able to stay focused even after hours of wiping and remain positive in the face of adversity.

Officers to contact on further details: Cantor, Tussilago, Tymia, Mogroll
Bump to reflect progress.
Bump for Progress. Recruitment is open still. Healers given special attention.
Bump, we basically have Naga lady dead, we're just lacking dps players at the moment if you can believe such a thing.
She's dead, we're back from blizzcon, I'm on section 6C of the Battle For Azeroth map (Hi Mum!) Business as usual, Still chugging along on the horde side, always ready to welcome new faces! Hit us up.
11/11hc Cleared and a Snoozefest push over on Mythic ...wait what is his name? The first guy.

Done and dusted, Range DPS are a current wish. Preferably not warlocks or mages. A hunter or elemental shaman would be a nice addition to the motley crew about now.

You know where to find us!

We run normal at the speed of 1 hour 30 minutes on Saturdays, and offer extremely bad dad-jokes in abundance.
Hey, it would be great to chat when you have a minute. None of the names appear to be in-game at the moment and I'm currently playing Alliance so if you could connect with me (Zhnaya#2167) it would be great. Thanks
10/12/2017 17:00Posted by Imehz
Hey, it would be great to chat when you have a minute. None of the names appear to be in-game at the moment and I'm currently playing Alliance so if you could connect with me (Zhnaya#2167) it would be great. Thanks

Hey there, alot of us are sadly adults who are absent during the day...or frolking around like kids in the snow as was the case today, guaranteed one of us is online in the evening from 6pm GMT all the way to midnight.

Love to chat with you! Tymia is on vacation this week so Tussi and Cantor are your safest bets. But as a last resort, back ups are Maisali, Malon, Lyorn, Rolldoh, Kungfumoo, and Me, We're not officers but regulars apart of the raid team online alot. Mogroll/Mogdred too but he's an altoholic so good luck finding which character he's on.

I have passed on your info to the officers
bump, recruitment open as usual
Bumping for 11/11m

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