Bring back old specs

I totally want to be able to switch back into Def Stance on my warrior and use the def skills. It feels so dumbed down now.
Some alike threads = had certain issues raised.
- also about RPG (stats) - (complex)
- and reforging, Devs don't know what they're talking -
- also *khm* M+, sorry couldn't resist -
Beter 1-6 from here then artificial timegatting, 40 with alike gameplay classes, illogical talents (also + separate-PvP), 10min 'scenarios', poor stats system and non-existent+Undefined loot table. I believe that Киджи would add here wrong models-art too.

imo: Pandaria was the most casual wise (wasn't hard at all with staying some way fun), LK was more or less still serious-wise MMO-RPG-fantasy (to three parts, except with a little simpler threat-mech-s, using more phase locations that broken=separate open world and deleting some of for_RP-class-mech-s, also worse raid-progress+story and heroic difficulty (compared BC), cropped story after Ulduar and the introduction of mechanisms that becomes origin of oQ system after).

Last Q&A- in this sense was really comical and the most is that become ActiBlizzard classic explanation own fails with blame players. In some way it's fair and true but for events about ridiculous politic 'when someone don't like+understand something it's should be cut off', even if someone = devs -*of2wICwsJy_e2mKh9fHj1Q9mCq0. But it's you who devs, not us, so may be then you just choose 'to listen' wrong people.. or may be more correctly 'for listen'? - so anyway it's still your fail >:]
(could be just about 'appearances be unlocked' only good, some LFR changes direction and w+g models, but I don't think that both artif+autoLF needed at all and it out of current thread)

-giggled- old times jokes
Combat : Yes and no, the original combat spec was more like the generic non specialist spec and it didn't really have a fantasy role so to speak, Outlaw is basically the same gameplay at the core but with a pirate theme.. For sure the gameplay could be improved, but at it's core it's the same old Combat spec with more flavour.

Survival : It always was a half melee spec originally, just that it was never really worth using the melee aspect due to the typical flawed/half finished design of the old game, but that worked fine still... Now it has a very clear design and that is around melee weapons with trap use and a pet, a very typical "Hunter" fantasy.

It's of course a big departure from what SV became in WOTLK with Explosive shot and the non physical damage theme, but then the Legion one is closer in many ways to the original theme of Survival.

Gladiator Warrior : Born in WOD and Killed in Legion.. Blizzard added it because of class fantasy, also partly as it had been requested for years (sword + board dps).. It was also initially popular, then Blizzard killed the spec through tuning and then followed up by removing it because "class fantasy" and due to it not being popular...

Survival struggled because of tuning, it was dead on arrival because of that and it might actually suffer the same fate as Gladiator, I wouldn't be too surprised to actually see SV go back to a ranged spec, even though I think that would be a shame.

Edit : On minor aspects.

DKs : Once apon a time all specs were able to tank/dps, that was interesting but it never worked out balance wise, same with Dual Wield vs 2h Frost to a lesser extent.. I think though that though the option was nice, with artifacts being dual wield it's not a possibility in Legion anyway.. Hopefully they can return it in the next EXP.

Fury : Until legion one could play Fury 1handed, and aside from WOTLK it was also a very competitive choice at high end raiding. Fury began as a 1handed spec and the original Vanilla/TBC Fury Warrior had a lot of flavour to it and a unique gameplay (rage resource was quite volatile/unpredictable back then).. For some reason Blizzard decided not only to make 1handed a non choice via the artfact, but also made 2handers a requirement on abilities, with Titan Grip becoming a baseline rather than a high end perk. A return of "single minded fury" would be very welcome in the next EXP.

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