<Legio Getica> 9/9 HC -3/9M TOS recruiting

Hi to all.!

Legio Getica is a Social 2-days Raiding Guild with a friendly environment, active chat with players who want to help and we do more beside Raiding. We do M+ keys, plus some casual PVP.

We need some DPS to our Core Roster to end HC and move to Mythic TOS

Range DPS (Any Range DPS, if have healing off specs would be even better)

Melee DPS Tho we have many melees, we wont say no to anyone who wanna come and be a part of our Guild and our Team.

Healers We are in need of 1 more healer (any healer) atm.

We Raid :
Monday = 20:00 - 23:00 (server time)
Wednesday = 20:00 - 23:00 (server time)
Sunday 20:00-23:00 (server time) We do M+ runs premade groups.

We do Normal TOS in Saturdays 20:00 - 23:00 to help some alts and some lower i lvl guildies, ( if wanna come to Normal would be great as well).

What we want :
Only is to do some home work :D
Know tacts,be patient and polite with any member.
Maturity and understanding when it comes to progress bosses as well..

If we are what you are looking for feel free to wisp our lovely Leader

Or me Palabos#2129
We are still in need of some Dps players
We are in need of 1 healer only,
Feel free to wisp me or Leader for any info.


Or me Palabos#2129
We are in need of 4 Range Dps
1 holy Paladin

Today starting progress in Mythic TOS and we are in need of these specs/classes in order to full our roster,

Wisp me for more info
1 holy paladin
And 3 dps (prefer range)

And bump :-)
still LF
1 holy paladin
And 3 dps
Still need 1 healer and 3 Dps

Socials always welcome.
1 Priest Healer (any spec) with Shadow off spec..

Socials always welcome :D
We are in need of
A Shaman and a Priest Healer and 1 Rogue

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