A group of friends LF Horde guild, willing to relocate.

Looking for Players – PvE
Hello all,

As the title says, were a group of friends looking to relocate to a horde guild on any realm (aslong as the raid attendance is there).

List below of what we have to offer:

Théion - Holy Paladin
Shiyo - Sub Rogue
Rene - Balance Druid
Zenroh - Arms Warrior
Sarezz - Shadow Priest/Elemental Shaman
Thayro- Tank
Mysticmole - Holy Priest

We have 8HC progress and P3 Kj pulls.

Were looking for a guild that raids 2/3 days @ 1945-2300ST.

If you have any other questions contact me on:



The dutch nutters
It may be better to pass the app and speak to musser directly in discord or in game!

[H] - Ungrateful Dead

We are a guild on the Magtheridon server.
Our guild has been around for a very long time and has been steadily raiding 3 nights a week since early TBC.
We have cleared pretty much everything when it was current content and pride ourselves on having a mature and friendly environment.

We are searching for like minded, committed and dedicated players who are seeking a guild to settle down in and become one of the family.

Our current progress is:
9/9Hc ToS

Past progress is:
7/10m NH
2/3m ToV
7/7m EN

We are looking for a few more strong DPS, classes not particularly important as long as you are a decent player and can stay alive while performing well.

Our raid times are:
Wed: 20:30 - 23:30
Thurs: 20:30 - 23:30
Sun: 20:00 - 23:00

If you are a bit behind in gear but a good player then we can assist with that.

If you are interested in joining our raid team our guild site is: http://ungrateful-dead.eu and our GM btag is Musserbravo#2883 or come chat to us on Discord: https://discord.gg/zhhtj3K
Greetings Théion, I represent the guild <Day Four> from Tarren Mill.

Do you want to raid progression on a casual schedule? Are you a strong, competitive player but you don't have time IRL to raid three days a week like most guilds require you to do? Are you seeking eternal fame and glory but you're sick and tired of raid leaders who rage whenever you wipe on a boss?
Then DAY FOUR is the guild for you!
We're a constant source of friendly banter and dank memes. Also, our raid leader is physically incapable of anger.

Raid days are:

Mondays 20.15 - 23.30 Server time
Thursdays 20.15 - 23.30 Server time

Wednesdays from 20.15 Server time

We are currently 9/9 HC ToS and 1/9 Mythic we will be hoping to add the 2nd and 3rd bosses as soon as possible.

Anyways I hope all is well and if you would like to know anymore please add my battle tag Dannyoz#2193 or on discord at Dannyoz#7888
Hello matey!

I represent Infusion, (#world 240), after 10/10 Mythic Nighthold.

After nighthold, i decided to disband my guild, due to some problems with officers in my guild, and some toxic people here and there.

Right now we are currently rebuilding, and you could be a really good addition to our raiding roster.

Infusion is a 10 year old guild, formed by me in the end of Black Temple in The Burning Crusade.

We are going to start off with raiding 3 days a week, and we might or might not add up to 4 or 5 days, depending how it goes.

Wednesday: 19.30 to 23.00
Thursday: 19.30 to 23.00
Sunday: 19.30 to 23.00

I really hope that we could have a chance to talk together, and make something truely awesome together :)

You can add me on Koukaiian#2509
Hi there Dutch nutters,

It sounds like a perfect match if u guys are truly Dutch/ speaking Dutch.

DutchCircle has just started recruiting with exact your raiding terms and all of u will perfectly fit our roster.

Lets introduce ourselves to eachother I suggest


Brokkies/Typhòn (PartyCrusher#2475)

Team DutchCircle
*will send out a friend request 2 u.
Hi Théion !!

<After Life > (Tarren Mill) is searching for DPS , healers for its recreated mythic team. As you will note that after EN Mythic our progression on mythic has been declining as we were one of the oldest guild on Kilrogg (Horde) , we suffered from lack of skilled and active players on the server and now we decided to move to Tarren Mill.

~After Life progress : ToS HC 8/9 , EN M : 7/7 , ToV: 3/3 HC , NH : 9/9 HC

Our Raiding Times: 20.15-23.00 Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, Monday

What we want from you:
• Ability to attend : 2-3 raids per week
• Knowledge of your class and spec
• Voice chat - we use discord (mumble backup)
• A sense of humor

If you consider yourself something of a raider or want to be, you're welcome to apply on our discord server as we have a seperate section for the applicants : https://discord.gg/QNvukKX

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