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Argent Dawn
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When I was twelve/thirteen, in the first years of WoW. I made a Night Elf Hunter, and somehow died often enough that my bow broke. I took the red outline around my skill and item as a bug, and deleted the character outright thinking there was no possible way to fix it.
Most of the stuff I did on Asa (still adore the char tho)
I started RP in 2010 as a kal'dorei death knight possessed by a banshee. I single-handedly took on Balnazaar in Stratholme with her, and then got erased from time when the Bronze Dragonflight took her back to the War of the Ancients. #HumbleBeginnings
My first RP character was a human rogue, made him in the MoP pre-patch and wore one of those leather scarfs that 90% of leather wearers use to cover up a metal jaw, "inspired" by Deathwing's Human form.

My first ever character in general was a Draenei Hunter (Still play that character) that didn't get a pet for a good week because I couldn't get the plainstrider back to the Hunter trainer in time. I also was a melee hunter before it was cool.
At the start of TBC I rolled a belf hunter and roleplayed a ranger in a belf military guild that lasted about a month or two due to ooc drama. Luckily this was on DMF and not AD.

Still, lesson learned.
The first time I tried tanking, group members kept telling me to "taunt"
And I said "lol hell no, i dont wanna die"
12/08/2017 12:00Posted by Raptor
I've more than once joined a guild, found out that it had things I did not enjoy at all, waited patiently untill 3 in the night and then gquit when everyone was offline, I then put all of them on ignore for two days, so they don't inquire as to why, then i remove them from ignore.

Thanks, so if you're suddenly gone I know now to wait 3 days before bothering you ;)
When I started out in BC, I made a Blood Elf, but I really wanted to go and see Undercity.

Looking at the map, I saw only one recourse: South.

So I was about level 12, ran into Ghostlands, and then had to decide which route. I didn't have any map addon so I just saw the zone's raw outline - And young me thought it'd be a safe idea to run to the coast and just follow it to Tirisfal.

I died about seven times, before giving up like the quitter I am.

It took me a few more days to realise there was a teleporter.

And another few days to realise Eversong/Ghostlands was in a seperate instance, making my coastal tour simply impossible.

Good times.
My life so far....
11/08/2017 08:13Posted by Sydrel
nice paranoia shonn

Admittedly that happened often - so it's not paranoia itself!
It's just to know who goes out of their way to have a go at my guild.
My first Tauren druid, I ended up dying somewhere then got lost, never found my body or the spirit ressing ghost lass. Spent over an hour just looking.
During WotLK I ran through Stormwind with the x-ray goggles that stripped everyone of their clothing, just to watch serious roleplayers roleplay with no clothes for my own amusement. They never knew since x-ray goggles were a helmet back then, which you could remove with a "hide helm" button in the interface options. Who checks random people for pervy buffs? :P

Ever watched a military group advertise themselves in nothing but their undies? Walked into a bar fight with people in undies surrounding two naked people fighting each other in the middle for some bizarre reason of honour/pride?

... Boredom reached a new level for me.

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