[A]<Lobotomized> Auchindoun 5/8 (Mythic)

Auchindoun / Dunemaul / Jaedenar
<Lobotomized> Are recruiting for our raid team, we have cleared 4/8 Mythic

We raid 7pm GMT Wednesday and Thursdays and do an alt run on Sundays.

We are a Casual Raiding guild but we do progress pretty well on the tiers, we consistently clear content on heroic within 2-3 weeks after the content has released and push mythic as soon as it comes out. we do however only do main raids twice a week for 3 hours.

If you do not want to join as a raider you may join as a social ofcourse.

For the mythic roster we are recruiting all DPS but are looking for more Ranged at the moment to progress on Fetid Devourer.
Hi! your guild sounds interesting are you still recruting?
Hi Slamlii,

yeah we are still recruiting, hit me up in game if you want an invite.

others that you could speak to for an invite or to query in regards to the guild are.


or go to /who and search for Lobotomized and someone should be online on that list who can invite you.
Yeah i want to join.waiting for one of them to come online :D
thanks for joining Raidoon, hope you enjoy.


- updated 3/9 mythic

We are still actively recruiting.

Now at 5/9M and welcoming all if you can make our raid nights!
I'd like to join aswell.
I am 929 currently, and I have a lot of experience raiding.
Are you still recruiting?
15/11/2017 16:34Posted by Hideyowife
I'd like to join aswell.
I am 929 currently, and I have a lot of experience raiding.
Are you still recruiting?

Hey Hideyowife!

Unfortunately I haven't managed to be online at the same time as you.

You can contact any member of the guild to receive an invite. We can talk more then if you're still interested!

We are still recruiting melee DPS and 1 tank.
We are now recruiting for Mythic Antorus! Primarily ranged DPS.

We are still clearing HC first weekly before we progress in mythic.
We are still in need of ranged DPS however all classes and roles will be considered.

If you can make our two raid nights and want to join a fun family or gamers then we're the right home for you!
updated post and title
Hey you guys still recruiting I would like to join
I am currently 921 because I am new to Legion but i know all the mechanics and i have experience raiding
I was wondering if you're still recruiting? I'm frost/arcane mage currently ilvl 935. I have experience on antorus normal and heroic mode.
Hello Norasadil and Jaina, we are still recruiting and dont worry about low item level we can help get that up in our alt runs if you dont mind partaking in them.

please contact one of the below in game to join.

Caleston/Lobomonk (GM), Chewwy/Aeiownedu (Officer), Búbblegum/Holygum (Officer), Wickedevil/Wickedqt (Officer)
updated title
Update: We are still recruiting! No specific requirements but everyone is welcome regardless.

If you are wanting to join our core raid team now is the perfect time so we can be ready for BFA!
Hi i'm interested in joining.



Let me know :)
Hi Néptune, sorry for the delayed response.

please contact one of the below for an invite

Caleston/Lobomonk (GM), Chewwy/Aeiownedu (Officer), Búbblegum/Holygum (Officer), Wickedevil/Wickedqt (Officer)
I'm looking for a new guild, i work nights so cant really say i can raid much but just want to be in a social/active guild to maybe raid with if i can and do some m+ with, not don't much raiding this expansion so yeah :P 962 prot pala
Hey Pallii thanks for taking intrest in the guild. its fine if you cant raid much, it would be good to build the roster for BFA maybe you could raid more then if your work schedule changes but in the mean time we will be more than happy to have you as a social.

if you message one of the officers in game they will give you an invite.

Caleston/Lobomonk (GM), Chewwy/Aeiownedu (Officer), Búbblegum/Holygum (Officer), Wickedevil/Wickedqt (Officer)

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