[A]<Lobotomized> Auchindoun 5/8 (Mythic)

Auchindoun / Dunemaul / Jaedenar
Hi there ,me and two others would be interested in joining you guys , our guild have moved on to other games so there is only us three left and we are just hitting a wall with content :) plus would be good to have people to hang out with :)
Hey Deadchalkes thanks for showing intrest in this guild.

contact one of the officers in game if you have any questions and still want to join.

Caleston/Lobomonk (GM), Chewwy/Aeiownedu (Officer), Búbblegum/Holygum (Officer), Wickedevil/Wickedqt (Officer)
Cheers, we’ve joined looking forward to running stuff with you guys :)
Our doors are still open! Currently 8/11M with DPS spots for our team.
Now 9/11M still recruiting
I added all of you guys but no one seems to be online now. I have a free 110 boost and i'd like to join your guild. I was thinking about creating a druid and playing moonkin. I'm not sure what you guys need right now.
Hi Murzur,

someone will be online at some point later and will be able to invite you then if you ping them.

as far as it goes for what we need i believe ranged would be ideal but play what ever you prefer, at the current moment on the lower bosses we do cycle out people who dont need loot so you would get a chance to do that when your gear is adequate to push it, unless the raid leader is feeling generous to carry on that night. we do heroic runs so you would be able to join that and get geared up aswell.
Sounds good!
Hello. Are you still recruiting?
If you are interested in a retribution paladin, I am interested :) I can also heal some If needed
We currently dont need one for our main roster but for alt runs and other raids you're welcome to join.

Ping anyone in the guild when you're on and they should throw you an invite. alternatively you can wait for one of the officers to be on and ping them.

Syllaphas (GM)
Holygum (Officer)
Fireflake (Officer)

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