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Hey, you want to stick with Horde? Or would take a trip into the Light Fantastic?

Our main recruitment post is here:


Won't repeat all that, but it also has some recommendations from the team.

We kinda fit all the things you said you were looking for everyone (bar one) is mid-20's upwards, tho frankly from the quality of the jokes on Mumble you might be forgiven for thinking differently :D

We have similar progress to you and are looking for a couple more players to move into Mythic ToS, feel free to give me a shout if the main post feels like something you would be interested in.

Please add my battletag:

Hey there @Ellz and thank you for your post, but I'm staying Horde. Thanks for the offer though :)

Edit: This is no longer the case and Alliance guilds will now be considered along with Horde guilds.
http://Exhausted.pro is a weekend DAYTIME raiding guild, we raid Saturday and Sunday from 14:00 ST to 18:00.

at this moment we are 9/9 Heroic and starting mythic progress very very soon.

please add me Mandus#2858 if you are interested, or you can go to our website for more information and to make an application.

Going to keep this a bit short but we are a 4/9M weekend raiding guild on Ragnaros currently looking for more dps. We raid saturday and sunday 15.00-19.00. If you are interested we can talk more in game.

Contact me at Karokk#2441 or apply at our webpage at www.unity-ragnaros.com
Updated the original post.
Heya, an arms warrior would be great for us as we don't currently have a DPS warrior and we have way too many conquerors, so a protector would work really well.

We're currently 3/9 Mythic raiding Saturday 12-15, 1530-18 (the break can be adjusted if raiders have something going on, we're pretty flexible) and Tuesday 1930-24, with an optional raid on Thursdays where we have been doing normal/HC.

We have a pretty diverse roster, with a chunk of Brits & Dutch and then a couple from several other countries and we keep it relatively drama free via guild rules like no discussion of politics etc. in guild. Lots of people have lives so we have a flexible availability system - having a raider that can only ever raid the 2nd half of the Saturday is fine as long as they post in our availability channel on Discord.

Typical posts can look something like this
Anarin - Last Monday at 4:28 PM
I have to take care of some bussiness that can't be postponed, so I'll need a 20-30 min break at 21:15 ST.

If you're interested add me for a chat at Squarefaced#2787 or on Discord Square#5616, our application form only takes 5 minutes! https://goo.gl/forms/w0o18qoJj6dn9ZS93

The generic forum post is here https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17613731878#post-1, hopefully the bespoke reply will get to you, I need a warrior :'(
hi Rhunok

Bit about me, im the GM of <saves the day> on the Maelstrom. Weve been aroudn since vanilla and have seen many guilds rise and fall with the massive push of progression,

We have been raiding Mythic this expansion and managed 7/7 2/3 5/10M while we do want to push mythic raiding cutting edge isnt something we are hugely fussed about

The average raiding age within our team is between 25-35 and weve mostly been raiding together for quite a while.

if this is something you like the sound of lets have a chat on either

Battlenet - htidredneck#1908
Discord - Fink#5821
If you want to add my btag or have a chat in discord so we can talk about the kind of people we have in guild, the atmosphere and what we are about then please do so! I've pasted my recruitment thread here so that you can get a general feel of what Crew 2 is about ;)

<Prime> Crew 2 is a 2 day a week raiding group, based on Defias Brotherhood, who want to have fun while raiding but also take our progression raids seriously.
Once Hc ToS is on farm we will move in to Mythic ToS progression.
9/9N 8/9 HC

Raids: Monday and Thursday
Times: 20:00 st to 23:00 st

Recruitment is now open to Melee DPS who feel that this, perhaps slower progression, is more suited to them.
However, if you feel that your ability and experience would make you a good fit for us then add me and we can have a chat :)

Prime is a long standing guild with consistent and stable leadership and runs 2 successful raiding groups.
Social members are always welcome and we run a social/alts raid of relevant tier content on Saturdays when possible. Mythic + is something that happens a lot and many of us push those higher dungeons.

Recruitment contact: Alanana Btag-Suzanna#1406
Raid Leader contact: Mushu Btag-Janko#2883
Or visit our website - www.defiasprime.com and apply online
Hey man,

Very interested in your post, but I think it's very boring to copy+paste long text here and wait for a reply.

I can assure you that I have a great offer for you and if you wanna have a chat add me on guillotiNe#2984

We're currently 8/9hc with a few people on curve, and gearing up a few peeps coming back to the game after they took a break in their older guilds during mythic progression.

We're mostly 24+ and are looking to raid in a chilled, fun environment, while also recruiting skilled raiders to make progress a smooth experience.

let me know :), hope to speak soon
Hi there,

We are <Paradigm>, a 9/9HC 4/10M guild on Draenor who are recruiting DPS to fill the final spots in our roster ready for mythic progression.

For more information visit our recruitment post here:

My battletag is Valarim#2450, feel free to add me on there and we can chat more!

Thanks for reading,
- Val
Hi there :)

We may be a good fit for you, based on what you have described.

* We are a mature and friendly guild (players aged 25+) with 9/9 HC progression
* We raid 3 nights (Sun/Tue/Thu between 21.00 - 00.00
* We are looking for a few more DPS to join us in Mythic progression

I will leave our details below so you can have a look and see if we match your requirements and if we do, please contact Demise on Minininja#26903 for a chat.

latest post:


our web add


Good luck with your search and please get in touch if you would like any more information.
I am overwhelmed and humbled by the response and the interest you guys have taken in my post. There are a lot of guilds here and a ton of people have added me on my battletag so it will take some time to go through all of them.

And I have some real life stuff I need to deal with before I can check any of the guilds out, but I'll come back with an answer as soon as possible.

Again, thanks for the interest!
Letar du fortfarande guild? PM mig isf. Tror vi har en guild som skulle passa dig.
Tag: Tomisen#2647 eller via Discord https://discord.gg/2x3r6Su

Snabb fakta om guilden:
Progress: 2/9M
Server: Tarren Mill (Horde)
Tider: Ons & Tors 18.50-23.00 (server time). Söndagar Normal/HC raid (Ej obligatorisk)
Språk: English Speaking. (Många Skandinavier tho)
Åldern ligger mellan 22-35 i guilden.
Använder discord för kommunikation.

Hör gärna av dig så kan vi snacka mer via PM eller Discord ifall du har mer specifika frågor om guilden!
Hey guys I have found a guild that I'm happy with.
Updated the original post.

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