<Guilty Casual> LFM to casual progression raids

Hello all,

<Guilty Casual>, THE place to be for the modern, fashionable casual, are looking to complete our progression raiding team roster to get a stable group that allows us to further succeed in raiding.
Our current raiding progress is: 9/9 ToS HC // 10/10 NH HC.

We currently have 2 raid days (Wednesday & Sunday 20:00 - 23:00 server time), with an additional, optional Alt raid (Tuesday 20:00, ToS normal):

Wednesday is open to everyone who can pull his own weight (no carry raid) and we start with ToS HC currently.
Sunday is the raid day for our progression raiders where we get to the actual content we are progressing on (ToS HC)

We are in need of:
-Melee DPS!
-Range DPS!

Semi need of:
Tanks for M+

but we generally welcome all applications - even if you are just looking for a nice casual place to be.

Why would you want to be raiding with us?
You’re tired of passive aggression and not having room for mistakes.
You think that it’s fun to maximize your output and value progress over personal gain in the casual sense of personal loot. You like when things run smooth and when you play with others who know what it takes and invest accordingly. And most importantly you enjoy a stable, drama less environment, with room to improve or learn new raids on a down to earth style.

You can also join up for the ToS normal alt run on Tuesday, if you afraid of heroic mode and want to learn it on normal first, then step up later for the heroic runs.
we will explain every boss if one person haven't done it before. there is no shame in not knowing the fights.

Do you want to be part of a friendly community that does not shy away from helping each other out? Then you have come to the right place! We will fight the Legion back united and we will leave no Orc (Tauren, Undead, Troll, Goblin and even Bloodelf) behind. We organize regular Mythic(+) runs as well as other activities such as achievement runs etc.
We do expect a certain participation when a player is online since we are not particularly interested in people who are not willing to engage with the guild and the surrounding activities.

If you are now considering the only logical thing there is to do - then add me in wow: Getrektnerd or Breewmoo.
Any other members can also direct you to an officer or at least invite you to the guild, then we can have a talk once a officer is online

or make a post on our website:

We would be very hyped to get folks in for M+ (especially tanks) <3
*Babump* :D
*Bump* Kil'jeadan almost down!
Kil'jaeden? More like Killed'jaedan, am i right?? *cricket noises*
But we are still happy for more dps :D
*bump* - come and join :)

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