[A] Defenders of Valor is recruiting for HC raids


we are looking for more people for upcoming content of 7.3 and it's new raid which will open some weeks later in 7.3.5.
Our main aim in raids is to clear it on HC in a reasonable time. And not to forget having lots of fun in raids. Everything beyond is a bonus :)

Our raid times are: Mon, Wed and Thu 20:00 - 23:00 server time.

Atm every class is welcome, cause our roster got a bit thin over the summer.

What we can offer is a friendly and mature raid atmosphere in a guild with quite some history in WoW and all of it's raids (DoV was founded on Al'Akir at day 1 of WoW).
What we expect in return is, that people are prepared for raids tactic- and gearwise (enchanted and gemed, consumables etc).

Just contact an officer online, or check out


and don't hesitate making a short application.

Thanks for your time.

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