<Mythic Ravers> BfA boosts!

Twisting Nether
<Mythic Ravers> are offering the following boosts:

10/10 Mythic 0 dungeons (Kings Rest / Siege of Boralus require attunement )

Island Expedition HC weekly cap

Uldir 8/8 Normal / HC (book your spots for raid release on 5th of September)

*We require a 20% deposit in advance in case you do not show up for the arranged date.*

We only accept GOLD as payment on Twisting Nether. Prices are increased for other realms.

Add me on my btag:
Very nice run, fast and smooth 1 shot KJ heroic. thanks guys
Very fast and smooth Kj heroic kill. thanks
Quick and clean run! Happy Beef
What are the prices of the ToS boost ?
Thank you for the kind words guys, we really appreciate it.

@Iatrophobia we offer different packages so it depends what you are looking for. The fastest way is to add me on bnet so we can discuss it via PM's.
Starting with boost runs again, first run is Wednesday 20.09 19:15 server time!
Contact me so we can book you a spot!
!updated, Next run is 05.12 19:00 Servertime!
The cleanest fighter I've ever seen. single try and argus dead.
tnx for the fast and clean run. Very satisfied with service and i recommend it to everyone!
Fast and smooth run +rep for these guys! Keep up the good work.
a smooth run with no issues, well done keep it up
Got a heroic AtBT boost for an alt from them, was pretty smooth with lots of items! Thanks for the awesome run, was my best experience!

Bought a CoF boost for my Warrior Alt, quick and efficent! ty :)

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