Join us for a Live Developer Q&A - 3 August

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Join us live on Twitch on Thursday, 3 August, as we sit down with Game Director Ion Hazzikostas for our next live developer Q&A. He’ll be answering many of your questions about the ongoing development of World of Warcraft!

Feel free to submit questions by posting here, in this thread, or via Twitter using the hashtag #LegionQA.

We’re really looking forward to getting the chance to dive in and answer as much as we can, so we hope to see you Thursday at 6:00 p.m. GMT / 20:00 CEST.
When are you releasing character names? Supposed to be at start of each expansion. Last 'automatic' release was in 6.2

This is more of a problem on higher pop servers that have not had a realm connection.
It is incredibly difficult to get a name without accented letters - which are a pain to type on a UK keyboard at least.
First of all, thank you for all the hard work. 7.3 seems to be the biggest patch Blizz has ever released and it sure looks promising on all fronts. Can't wait.

1) Will we see any upgrades to the base ilvl of the Nethershards items in 7.3?

2) Will content in 7.3 follow a time-gate model? Can you outline it?

3) After all, what did you learn from the Legendary system and going forward, how will it change?

4) Can we expect more legendaries in 7.3, besides the Light / Shadow ring?

5) Is the Netherlight Crucible static, will you expand on it?

6) Any information on 7.4, if there is any?

7) 7.3 has new art and looks somewhat more polished, did you make changes to the engine to achieve some things?

8) Do we still have the class halls being the central unit on Argus as well?

10) Did you notice I skipped 9?

Any plans to address faction imbalances?

I play on Frostmane (EU) Alliance! But i used to play Horde on the same server in the past. Unfortunately Horde population started diminishing in WoTLK, and now there is no one there. I have 5 characters at lvl 90 to 100 on Horde side that are practically unplayable unless you enjoy being constantly killed by members of opposite faction ... Its just not fun being constantly killed by multiple players that are way higher level than you are ...
Is the Netherlight Crucible supposed to be fully RNG on tier 2 and 3? If so, why? The artifact was supposed to be the steady form of progression where you'd eventually get it all, and the RNG goes directly against that.
Do you have a definite decision regarding the unlocking of artifact appearances for transmog? Is it Legion only? And are they spec bound or class bound?
Ion takes the stage; my pants go away. Kreygasm
My question - will we ever get new and more character customization options (eg. more type of hairstyles, beards, skins, etc..)? It's something we really lack in making our characters a bit more unique.
Are there any plans to make a change to the matchmaking system for rated battlegrounds? The past three seasons my team, which plays on a casual level at around 1500, has been consistently facing teams that are 400-500 rating above us and we just don't stand a chance. Just two weeks back we faced the same ~2000 team five times in a row. It's rather taking the fun out of it for us and we'd like to know if there are any plans to tune it in the near future.
Do you have any plans to maybe add some of the older dungeons to the Mythic+ system, for example some of the remade 1-60 dungeons that have no high level version (like Razorfen Kraul)?

Once Legion is over, will all of the current Mythic+ dungeons retire and be gone or do you plan to maybe have them around as max level content at the next expansion?

There are still many dungeons missing for the various time walking events (Like Sethekk Halls for TBC or Zul'Gurub for Cataclysm), will they be added in the future?

By now, we have many different events each week and with the newly added Timewalking Raids we have to wait several months to attend this again. Any plans to maybe have 2 events at the same time or other changes?

There are several mobs in the old world that now scale with your level. Is that an intended or are those bugs?
Old undead male was a MASTERPIECE. the new rigs that every single race uses now are too bouncy. Will old model rigs ever return?

Can we expect more spells to return next expansion? Pruning was universally hated in WoD, even more now. 2 page spellbook = BORING.
You mentioned in prev Q/A that e.g Mages of any spec should be able to cast spells from all schools, will that materialize in 8.0?
Like classes could for 10 years before deciding specs had to feel like standalone micro-classes. Please bring back the CLASSES.

Do you have any plans to bring back realm community? CRZ/Sharding/Phasing killed it off & WoW doesn't feel like an MMORPG anymore.

Happy w/ PvP talents? Having abilities greyed out b/c I'm not in PvP combat is terrible/flawed, make classdesign feel whole again.
When pristine realms are coming?
My questions:
1. Patch 7.3 release date? :D

2. What are the developer's thoughts and views about the current legendary system comparing with the systems in the previous expansions?

3. Are there any plans to revitalize the old zones for max level content?

4. Will we expect a new ranged class or a shifting spec role, from the current classes, from melee to range? So far, only melee specs have been added to the game.

5. What is the future of the Nightborne people after Legion? Will they join the horde/alliance? Neutral race? Or is their story finished?

6. What are your thoughts about the removal of basic information (passive spells, character stats info, interface options) and the need to use external addons or websites to show this information?

7. The new art work seen in Argus is amazing. How many beers have been awarded to the art team for their work?

8. Are we going to keep the current Artifact Weapon progression system for future expansions?
A general question on the involvement of different characters in the lore.

There are many tie-ins across different stories in WoW, that I, as a lore fan, really like and value. Many of those stories contain cliffhangers, like the Argent Crusade and Mal'Ganis in Northrend, that we expect to be resolved, but years pass and they do not. Characters appear for a glorious moment, and then vanish again for a number of expansion.

So the question is, how does the story department track those cliffhangers and treat the questions the players seek answers to? Do you have a chart connecting stories? A simple list? Or is the lore-making process spontaneous?
Are Demon Hunters getting a major mechanical change of any sort in 7.3.5?
Why are you ignoreing


Also a US version with more upvotes

Dont tell us its the char that earns it ,thats BS its us the real human that does .Please make the change groups are getting harder and harder to make .
How does the gear catchup in 7.3 look like?
And will it be easier to farm than it was in 7.2?

Timeless Isle and Tanaan had the perfect balance of time spent vs. reward in this regard. Broken Shore was in comparison waiting for the next invasion/day of rares to get any reasonable amount of currency.
Will we see a return to less linear questing during levelling in the future? Legion and WoD felt very repetitive in terms of levelling particularly alts.

Will we see more sidequests off the main story as alternative XP sources?

What about more multiple storylines within one zone?
Is tank balance going to be addressed at any point this expansion? It's the most extreme it's ever been with some tanks just lacking so far behind in terms of toolkit compared to another that is has gone from bring the player not the class to the complete opposite.

I made an entire post (or booklet if you see it that way) with regards to protection paladin:

It feels as though the passive or always available mitigation template is the go to, going forward so with that in mind will all tanks be designed this way?

Thanks for reading.

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