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will you end legendary upgrade in argus patch? very un-alt friendly
Alliance vs Horde / Faction storyline seemed to just die off after the completion of Stormheim chain. Doesn't look like there is going to be scope to carry it on in Legion. Is it just going to be picked up at the next expansion at this point?
Why are the T21 aff bonuses all about Drain Soul? It's completely at odds with the way the spec is supposed to work?
Netherlight Crucible rank 3 traits are not actually going to be random are they? That would be appalling; people farm specific relics for a reason!
What will happen to druid forms after legion?
We know other classes will get their weapons as transmog, but that cannot be done with our forms.
Will we get our forms as interchangeable glyphs?
Will they also be spec locked? (Hope not)
Will the glyph system be revamped to accommodate this?
Are there any plans on expanding the character customization system?
The introduction of flexible raid difficulties from SoO and onwards makes collecting transmogs while soloing a lot more tedious due to the low droprate.

Would you consider adding a way to run flexible-raid-size difficulties at maximum-players setting on old content regardless of number of players in the instance? And in the same vein, a non-personal loot option for old-expansions LFR?
Where is Gubber Blump - will we see him return?

Thank you!
Do you plan to do a new "stat squish"?

(With this I mean, like back in, MoP, was it? Where every stat would be lowered, so we wouldnt run around with millions of health, for example. It would really be welcome.)
Why is PvP Matchmaking rating character based?
Im sure you heard this before...
But how much longer will Retribution be hindered by the Talent tree that barely has choice, The crusade conundrum and the Retribution passive fiasko?

I know there is a slight change to Crusade trait in 7.3, but it doesnt seem like a change that will benefit us that much....
is there any plans to Fix leveling difficulty ?

Current state it is just too easy.
Who is the new pvp lead designer? Can we expect class design to consider pvp Utility and pvp damage patterns in next expansion?
It would be amazing to finally have pvp devs have a word to say to the class balance and design team.

Honor talents were a great compromise, but it can't fix a class if it's designed poorly in terms of arenas (some classes are either too good or too bad because of the lack/abundance of abilities that enable them to pvp properly), and it also creates the issue of having to use keybindings for abilities that are active half the time (doing both pve and pvp myself).
Hi Ion,
Any chance we will see undead Paladins? Makes sense lore wise.

will you stop the abuse of people joining groups with wrong specs.
Will you fix fist weapons on female blood elves? Certain windwalker appearances clip through my legs and THEN each other too...
03/08/2017 15:30Posted by Tyrinne
Will you fix fist weapons on female blood elves? Certain windwalker appearances clip through my legs and THEN each other too...
its not only on female belfs that some of the ww skins clip(the pvp claws and mage tower one are the worst when comes to clipping).
PVP question:
Are you happy with current pvp?
I remember Lore (CM) making a post between WoD and Legion, talking about how bad offensive/defensive cooldowns were for pvp and how it made feel "Scripted", yet in legion there are more of those, not less.

PVE Question:
Are you thinking of reducing the amount of dificulties?

Design Question:
All classes are alike, with diferent names for resources but having the same feel. Every class has:
-Slow/Root (except locks)

Are there any plans to prune these and give more unique utility per class? (EG: warlock curses; shaman totems)
Is Ner'zhul truly dead? Or is he inside the Lich King still, corrupting Bolvar and plotting.
The Lich King is a powerful entity, among the most powerful villains we have faced.
Wouldn't you agree?
02/08/2017 09:47Posted by Dbride
Affliction Warlock has been extremely fragile in pvp since the start of legion.

When and how will you finally fix this?

They won't. Warlocks in general have been replaced by the not so cool Demon Hunter class. So every aspect of the warlocks goes to them now.

In my humble opinion, DH's was a huge mistake. They were forced into the story so badly that it did more damage than good.
Bringing back Illidan was enough. You could've stopped there.

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