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Blade's Edge / Eonar / Vek'nilash
Hi there,

I am currently in search of a guild that focus primarily on raiding and mythic+, due to this being the only real reason I play wow!

A little about myself:

I've played wow since TBC but started progress raiding in WoTLK as Hpala. Ever since that I've never had the time to raid 4-5 nights a week so became a casual raider with the typical 2 nights a week schedule.

I found that MoP and WoD were not for me and have only recently returned to legion (week before ToS) and I've only got to 6/9HC (5 weeks ago) because I got truly sick of pugging heroic raids. It baffles me how people can do heroic raiding without verbal communication,repeating the pull over and over again without fixing the problem just hoping people realise their mistakes and don't do it again... unless they massively out-gear it which just takes the fun away from raiding.

I am available most week nights, all day on weekends and so on. I should be honest here and say I am not looking to fill a spot on a roster just yet but it's something that will occur in the not too distant future. At the moment I'd like to join as a social member, occasionally joining runs if needed / alt runs. I am hoping to focus on mythic+ dungeons as they require a much more liberal schedule and you can kind of just go with who you have...

I currently have 4 110's:

Monk (Mistweaver / BM heroic geared)
Paladin (holy / prot geared)
Shaman (resto)

However, I am posting on my warrior because It's the character i'm focusing on currently and hoping to main throughout 7.3 and probably the rest of legion..this doesn't mean the other characters will be neglected though.

If anyone was interested in allowing me join their guild, please leave your tag and I'll add you for a chat!


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