Loot now going into left most bag

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In all the time I've played WoW, I've always had it set up so that my loot goes into the top of the rightmost bag. After the latest patch, my loot is now going into the top of the leftmost bag. Not a major problem in the grand scheme of things, but it has been confusing the hell out of me, and it's messing with my bag order.

I've tried using the command
/run SetInsertItemsRighttoLeft(true), which just brings up an error message, I've reset all the defaults and I've used scan and repair. I tried using the advanced interface options addon, but it doesn't seem to be working for me, and I can't find any options in the settings that might sort it out.

Any thoughts?
You can set bags so they will get certain items when you get them, like crafting rescources. If you right click on the top of the bag when its opened you can change these settings. I had the same thing happening to my rogue because some bags suddenly were set to contain crafting stuff.
At least before there was a setting somewhere in the Interface options to change it so that loot would go to the leftmost bag, I can't check where exactly at the moment.

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