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Hey, i'm a 29 year old woman, and i'm looking for people (+25 year) to play with. I would love to level, raid and gear a character. i have a few 110's. also. Most of my characters are on Twisting Nether. I have Discord and Skype. I'm not the best player and i don't know a lot about the game. But to me, the game is about having fun and also making friends. My mother language is Dutch, but i'm pretty good in English also..... Hope to hear someone fun soon :)
Hi Daënërys,

I dont know what your interests are ingame, but DutchCircle is a Dutch guild with mature players who like leveling, raiding and a lot of mythic+. We are however located on the realm Bladefist, wich would mean u need to either level another char on the realm or transfer to actively join the community. Xrealm is also an option as we are mostly on Discord, but will leave that up to you.

If interested add me for a chat.


Typhòn (PartyCrusher#2475)
Hey Daënërys,

After taking a couple of years break I recently returned within this last month, have managed to find myself a raiding guild but ultimately I am still looking to rebuild friendships and such for people to play with, always happy to help out and run raid pugs etc. I also have Skype, Discord etc, more than happy to chat whilst we play, after all, best way to get to know someone is via conversing :).

If you'd like to chat more feel free to add me on Battle.net or Discord

Battle.net: Phwump#2608
Discord: Phwump#9061
Hey daneryes i am also active on the twisting nether and i am lf the same thing you do a good friend to lvl raid and even do some pvp u can add me if ya want ( i am Dutch aswell ) veladin #2226 hope to see ya in game
Hi Dany

For a server and faction change you could join in the fun with the Rangers, we're a social and casual raiding guild on Alonsus (Alliance). Our generic recruitment post is here: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17615692037, we welcome players of all abilities and specialities, so long as they're happy to be friendly and help out if they can!

hey We Raid For Cookies may be the right fit for you. We are on Doomahmmer.

We are just starting to build a small and focused casual raid team, looking to get into TOS norm the onto HC. Focusing on gearing people up for there roles within the raid team and general messing about.

Always have people online and the guild is more focused on a family type atmosphere rather than a login raid then look at logs for two days then repeat.

We raid Thursday and Sunday nights you can check out out recruitment post here https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17616652060#post-1

If you want to speak to me my bnet id is bigbrownie#2993, if not then I hope you find what your looking for.
Hey fellow dutchy (your name is too hard to copy paste hahaha)

if you want to level a new toon and find alot of new, special (im in a guild with alot of norwegians....) friends then i'm the one you should start talking with! Our guild has an average age of 25+, i think we got a couple younger but also some older to average it out haha.

My battlenet is Quiryn#2953.

As for intel, we are a casual raiding guild who raid atm heroic ToS. We don't raid mythic (we have alot of players who can easily do it, but we prefer to laugh around then to be too serious).

Hope to hear from you!


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