Preferred Race to play as a Hunter?

Worgen, if my bow breaks at some point, i can bite and infect aswell haha i'm even in a pure worgenclan :p
15/09/2017 22:18Posted by Beorin
Female Goblin with a huge frikkin gun is awesome. You know you want it.

This guy gets it.
Troll male Obviously.
Orc male. Mostly cause I love how my transmog looks on an orc.
Orcs and Trolls have great racials,although i don't think racial should be a deal breaker for what you play,they are not such a bid deal.

If you want to play a male go for undead ,they just look amazing in general,the only stick out part in the spine and it integrates into armour sets very well.

If you don't mind the gender go for blood elf female for fab reasons,if the ears and brows sticking out bother you can can always wears heads like crowns and googles which fit great.
Don't listen to all these fools.
Trolls are the best mon, we look awesome and have a totally chill laidback style as MM.
04/10/2017 10:06Posted by Tooslowmate
Don't listen to all these fools.
Trolls are the best mon, we look awesome and have a totally chill laidback style as MM.

While I enjoyed playing a Troll male for most of this year, I found transmogs to be an issue - hardly any of the gear sets looked any good and then there's the whole boots problem with our big feet sticking out.

Since the BE female animation update for bows, guns and xbows, it was a no-brainer for me to go back to that race as gear really does look awesome on them.
Night Elf Female.

Night elves are the pure magic. I m loving the Stealth! 2 min CD. Fantastic for PVP. Superb tactical skill ~ Shadowglen.

Lore-wise I'd pick up an Night elf always Night Elves seemsso fitting for Hunters ~ Perfect choice.
Orc female look really good. The armor sits very well and well scaled.
Male feels abit to brosd for being a Hunter and so mobile.

Undead female also have a veeeeeeryyy nice bow animation.

Tauren never felt good to me ever since hunters started having 100% mobility. Since it feels dumb jumping around as a hunter.

Goblin can be pretty cool with a nice mog of a gun.

Troll male also looks great with a bow - but helmate and boots usualy look bad on them.

Never go Belf.

Female orc or undead is my recomendation.
Orcs have abit bette armor since they arent all bones and !@#$. But maybe you like the undead armor model!
Never go Belf male.

Dwarf male looks badass in all sorts of heavier armor (mail, plate) and with big weapons (2H and bows/guns).

Dwarf male hunter is very solid. If I went for horde I would go with an Undead most likely.

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