3/9M Tank LF Mythic raiding guild.

Hey, as the title says im LF a 3/4day Mythic progression guild, with atleast 3/9M progress.

-If your guild is one where people get butthurt over the slightest callout please dont bother reading further as i am NOT looking for a safespace. Im looking for a raiding guild.

What im looking for
-An active 3/4day Mythic raiding guild where people can handle critism<Im NOT looking for a safespace>.
-Im looking for motivated&dedicated players to progress with,I dont mind having a laugh, but knowing the difference between having to focus or having a laugh is important.
-Active m+ groups would be a huge +.

What i can offer you
-A experienced&skilled raider, playing since vanilla(some breaks here and there) mainly tanking.
-I will speak my mind when needed, offering input on tactics/whatever if&when it seems needed.
-Being generaly vocal on voice comms asking for externals etc etc.
-A very active&dedicated player.
-I make sure im aware of tactics, bring consumables and im on time for raids
-Im currently able to play a Guardian druid(931/57Traits),Blood DK(925/58Traits)&Protpaladin(920/55Traits), Would be willing getting a 4th tanking class if needed.

Please do not post your recruitment post below, instead add me on RealID for more info about me/my characters.

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