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Argent Dawn
Greetings Argent Dawn and whoever may read this!

I'm the GM of <Technical Issues> and we're currently throwing us in the midst of many other guilds looking to bolster their ranks.

The guild will mainly be focused on cutting edge progression, with a mindset that we reach as far as possible and perform to the best of our abilities whilst doing it within a reasonable timeframe. This means our quality control is going to be strict and we will be scrutinous with our raiders during raids.

With that in mind, it's important for us to mention that we've started up only a day ago, and we're currently putting together the roster, despite that it's already grown to nearly a full mythic composition.

Our priority list for classes that have the highest priority for us are:
One tank (preferable a Guardian Druid, Brewmaster Monk or Blood DK).
Several DPS (any class apart from some of the melee classes).
One healer (preferably a Priest)

Our current raid days and times are as follows:
Wednesday 20:00-23:30
Thursday 20:00-23:30
Sunday 20:00-23:30

Now that the formalities are out of the way, I reckon a description of the guild would be in place. We're a bunch of people that have known each other from the span of 2-3 years and most of us have raided on AD for even longer. The entire roster is currently comprised of people that wish for a PvE guild on AD to be both competetive yet tolerable.
One thing that's important to note is, if you're the faint of heart and can't stand either crude humour or scrutiny of your play, this likely won't be the guild for you.

Applying is currently done in game as a website is still in the works. Simply contact me when I'm online, or at Mezmeri#2246
they won't give me a heroic kj boost for free 0/10
Best of luck
Managed to get into Mythic relatively fast, five bosses down and Mistress should easily be cleared tomorrow. We are still looking to get a few more raiders (particularly druids).
Best of luck bois!
Don't forget to dab on all them haters


GL Mez my boi x
Is this the remnant of epoch?

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