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Looking for Players – PvE
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Hi there!

This post is for all the Dutch speaking folks scattered throughout the EU servers.

Are u looking for an active Dutch speaking community than look no further. We have a full agenda with a wide range of players active in M+, raiding, Alts and so on.

The guild is build on veteran and returning veteran players who challenge the community in some activity's, but also have a high respect for the casual gameplay. Not all of us have unlimited gametime and similar interrests :)

Atm we focus on expanding our roster so we can fill our raiding rosters/ M+ roster and are looking for someone who can/wants to bring the pvp element into our guild. Besides this; it's just nice to have a social group who just want to hang out and do some stuff together.

Interested or curious just gimme a /btag request and let's have a chat.

Typhòn (PartyCrusher#2475)

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