[A] <MM> @ Turalyon 4/9M recruiting

Looking for Players – PvE
Hi All,

<MM> was formed back in Vanilla on Turalyon, and we've been raiding since.

Aside from stability, we can offer you something that's become increasingly rare: the chance to experience encounters as a raid team without bias from guides or videos.

We pull, wipe, analyse, discuss and improve - until the boss is dead!

For more info, leave us a message here, contact us in-game or on our forum (details below).

Our current progress: 4/9M
Host should die on reset

Recruitment status
Tanks – closed
Healers – closed
Melee – Rogue & Warrior HIGH, others med
Ranged – Warlock HIGH, others med

Raid times
Wed, Thu, Sun – 20.00 to 23.00 server time.

We do not have a specific ilvl requirement but ask that your gear is optimised, and that you have similar experience in terms of progression – we are open minded and look at applications individually.

Smaj - Smaj#2700
Lumaa - Poro#2971
Jaz - Jazende#2641


Kind regards,

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