I miss the tweaking!

I miss the time when I had enchants on everything and gems in a lot of my gear.
I miss reforging. I miss being able to try out haste, crit or mastery builds by changing enchants, gems and reforging. I remember how I desperately tried to get my fluffing resto druid over the next haste cap, realising that I couldn't and dialing it back to the one I could reach and going for maximum mastery instead. The game is more and more feeling like a cell phone game where I just get my gear and can do nothing else. I actually even miss the hit cap.
I support any initiative to have control over our progress - since current rng !@#$ is just wrong.
I don't miss hit and expertise in the slightest but I agree with pretty much everything else.

Especially reforging, that would be so awesome right now.
I absolutely hated having to re-enchant almost every piece of gear and completely shuffle gems around (while obeying worthwhile socket bonuses, of course) just because I got a single upgrade. It was a gargantuan cost to optimise your character, just to have to change them all again in a week or two.

You'll never please everybody, but a simplified system helps more characters reach a high potential.
I have never been competitive about video games, so my gear was never anywhere near BiS.

But I cared about what I had. I knew what it was. I chose my gems and enchants carefully, calculating for myself and using sims, and often going with my own judgement instead of sims.

It was something I cared about. It was something that gave meaning to the game.

Now it's just another thing that has been removed, that I can't control, that doesn't matter any more.

I want control over my character BACK!!
It's odd, I'm getting Deja Vu over this post, I'm sure I have seen it before, I don't mean a post saying the same thing I mean this exact post by a character called moon-something. Mooncat with accents maybe?
Tbh all you REALLY do is look up what stats to have and then get those.

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