Taming Fenryr Patch 7.3

Taming Fenryr Patch 7.3
Last night I went in and took Hymdall down. 108M HP up from 80M. Seemed like the mechanics were more intensified. Got to Fenryr stage one blew him down easy as expected. Stage two different story. Unerving howl seems to be more frequent with the adds and they arent nearly as easy to kite or kill as in 7.2.5
I know the mechanics but I'm struggling keeping both corehound and turtle alive. Tenacity spec for both. I've tried using mend pet and misdirection together and sepparate alternating. Also please dont confuse this for a complaining post. I very much enjoy the challenge. Pet dies too fast because ultimately By the time i get the adds down hes already summoned more. Any suggestions?

Posted by Kabo[i][/i] on US server .( i cant reply due to it being US server.) but what he says is spot on with the same experiences I went through.

Are there any Huntmasters out there that have tamed Fenryr after the release of 7.3? LMK! I'd like to hear about gear stat balance from those of you who have.
Cant Feign Death to switch aggro either .
If Pet dies in battle , then i res pet , cant get aggro back on to pet.

I have try to do all strategies.

I have try to go all in guns/cross bow blasting, Full Buffs up , Flask- AGI,
Food- MASTERY, Raiding atument thing- AGI, BL-Pet CoreHound Buff, All Up on Open.
With this strategy I find it hard for my pet to keep aggro on Fenryr and he attacks me = DEATH!! (<1min) Fenryr HP remaining 39% (Fully Buffed).

If I go for the adds the wolf alts, I wait till they are summoned fire in Dire beast with the Stomp Talent, Spark off Multi shot for Beast cleave , Spamming Pet Mend , cant with stand the damage my pet takes from adds + Fenryr.
If I attack One add wolf at a time, I can some times get the adds down before Fenryr Calls out another Howl for more adds- But iam burno alotto coolio's to keep pet alive. = DEATH!!(<3mins) Fenryr HP remaining 27% (Fully Buffed).

If I clear the whole area of mobs , (No Bears, Deers, Humans or otherwise) and kite the Fenryr all around the Watch Tower, The lake!! As soon as my pet dies and I ress him I cannot get the aggro off me and back on to my pet , I try to run, I try to cross the beams (The path between me and my pet), I try to feign Death, I try Miss direction. I try to mix it all up but Fenyry just laughs at me (Its like Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant with bear attacking him!!). = DEATH!!(<4mins) Fenryr HP remaining 33% (FUlly Buffed).

So Ye further research on the web and other forums I realise , others out there are experience the same thing. Fenryr is SOLID in 7.3.
Stop Watching Videos on Youtube now , at least check the dates on them, anything before 30 AUG 2017 , is a wett dream.

Only thing I suggest is Hit the Mythic run Hard man, Get your Gear itm level up for Health and DMG. I am BM itm lvl 920 and was a major - no chance in hell, of killing him.
I recommend the strategy of ALL ON ADDS , if by chance you get a lucky bounce on the first HOWL of adds and you get them down , your pet stays alive longer and you can do more damage . But I think things will change and the gear and itm lvl will improve and the BUFF BLASTER strategy will be the way to go.

Good Luck all and good will Hunting!!!!
Did you manage to tame it? I tried on my 915 hunter and P2 was a "no chance in hell" mode :/
no way to tame him after 7.3 for me at least with my gear.

and the ones that exploited when it was possible got it basically for free
Happy to hear your troubles ( i am sad to say ). Because I have been at him for 3hrs at a time before I give up , spent at least 20-30k on Buffs flasks etc .
No chance . I have managed to get him down second phase to 15% lowest soo far and I am 929 itm lvl .

I was hoping 4rth oct update was new LFR to get better gear and higher itm lvl , but no . SO i have stopped trying .
I can not find one person who has tamed Fenryr in Patch 7.3 yet.

I can solo the first boss and all the adds up to Fenryr , but no chance of downing him in Phase 2,.
I have tryied everything possible . all the stragetys above and new ones , where i try to keep him in the cave with the adds , but no chance , Still Cant Feign DEaTH to shift aggro neither .... its tuff !!

Cheers for responding

I was at for 5 hrs striaght . since my last quote . I thought i would come back and let ever one know , to still believe , you can do it .

Strategy I took was kiting the adds and keeping the pet alive , will come back another time to give more details , but it can be done .

I started the fight with a pet with turtle shell.
Iam LW so i had drums for BL
fully buffed flask food and attumen raid buff.
I cleared everysingle mob from start all the way up to Fenryr, why? just because!
(I know MM camo).

So the fight was set the area was cleared, not a single mob in sight but Fenryr and what ever wolfs he calls upon.

I start the battle by sending in my pet, aggro buff on my pet and healing mend pet.
I use Kill comand , then dire beast (with stomp talent) and Murder of crow.
By now the first set of wolf adds come out , i feighn death- looseing aggro of adds and fenryr on to your pet .
I then do another Mend pet heal and let rip open up all buffs BM KC Dire Beast Cobra Shot. But be care full becaue Fenryr will do his leap about now and you need to disengage to get away from it (I dont have the legend Pants so no Healing 3% of max helath for me Buff).
So do not let the fenryr leap on you .
Once you dodge the leap Heal pet again , Keep Moving Lying traps and Binding shot for adds , Now would be a good time to use BL/Drums and Keep Healing pet ,
Runn because the scent of blood comes next , stay close to your pet to heal and use KC so u get the buff from talent Asspect of Beast , By Now the Turtle shell pet ability will be on CD. and alot of agrro on your pet and after Scent of Blood you want to feighn Death and get the adds off you , back on to your pet.

Keep SHotting Cobra shot , keep up with Dire Beasts (with Stomp and One with Pack Talent) and KC and Healing pet.

Fenryr Now will be calling more adds and ready to leap on too your A$$ again for the second time , Disnengage and run. Your Pet will be dead by now , You want to use asspect of turtle and ress Pet .

Now This Is where the hard part comes in :

Fernryr will no longer attack your pet ,
Fenryr aggro is on your !@# , Fenryr is licking his lips and breathing in deep from your sent of smell.
This would be a good time to run .. Useing KC Dire Beast and keep running , Fenryr will catch up with you .
Disneagege when he is about to leap , (Save disengage and aspect of cheata in this part).
Also Scent of Blood is your friend now , it puts distance between you and fenryr and you can use KC and Dire Beast more often ,
Keep up with Murder crows aswell .

keep going he is down to 10% remaining , 9% its going down 8% 7% runnn keep distance 5% 4% 3% turn around and put a fire ball in his Face ,

"AM firening My Fire Ball" Dont do it Jimmy , I am a Firen Ma Fire Ball" Jimmy wasnt specced for advance counter spell" ...................................

2% remianing ( I F**Ken died here , I nearly cryed, but i got back up dusted myself off and done it all again and after 5hrs and a take away , with out leaving the mythic I did it ) 1% remaining final cobra shot/KC and Fenryr died.

I took some pictures and then there he was in the cave all neat and tidy like nothing happened . like him and I didnt go toe to claw for 5hrs man (40k later on buffs and repairs), I tamed him in patch 7.3. 8/10/17 22:31!

I am a bm hunter , itm lvl 929 , battle lasts about 2 - 3mins long

Good luck to you all GF woke up beside got angry cause iam typing on this lap top so no more story/.

Good luck all
Keep on hUnting :G
Right, so

I kept failin the same way on like, 917 ilevel and a 950 weapon.
I couldn't do enough damage, and the boss killed my pet then me around 16%(ish)
I have no healing or shielding legendaries on this, so i leveled my weapon and got refractive shield.
Also, since i'm a hobo casual, i macroed _everything_ into faceroll macros, so i can damage the boss while running around panicing.

I used a tenacity core hound, sending it in with misdirect on, and popping everything i have, including prolonged power, and a trinket i have.
On the first wave of wolves i used stampede and barrage, and with all the CDs i had up, they started dying like they do on these jolly old prepatch vids.
I kept focusing the boss, immediately popping any CDs that came up, and having mend pet in a macro, so it was on CD.
I did not kill the second wave, just kited them a bit, and kept dpsing the boss, mending the pet.
This way even the core hound survived, and by the time the wolves would've killed me, the boss was dead.

As for the macros, i had all my CDs put into 3 macros to compensate for my lack of skill, so i guess anyone with half a brain can do this above a certain ilevel.

Persistence is almost always rewarded in the end.

I tried once at 891 IL and never went back. Your initial posts made me not even want to consider going back.
Followed the above tips and Hero/Corehound (tenacity) worked for me.
Freezing and binding shot for adds and kitting. I have 930 atm.
Good hunting !
Did it 2 days ago I think at ilvl 934. First time there (thought I would blow it all up without effort, took some effort haha) so didn't bother bring special pets etc. Ran with my Spirit Beast Raptor, Tenacity. I found it usefull to stay close to Fenryr when the adds spawn so if they are running for you they are still ending up somewhat close to eachother. Right before they spawn I always used Misdirection on my pet so he got all aggro and I could back off. Since you got CDs on you when the first adds spawn I saved Titans Thunder for the second pack to have something for that too.

Also kept mend pet up etc and whats mentioned above.
i got him when i was ilvl 913 and i didnt do the cheater method of getting him easy, u have to play top of your game and make sure you have flasks, food and runes on you to use, on stage two make sure u keep that pet's hp up, use a core hound for BL and make sure u always have Beast Wrath up and use all ur CD's when possible, when he chases u use disengage and cheetah, if your pet does die or u hit low hp then shell it and ress it/heal up, when the adds spawn freeze one with trap and kite the others in a clockwise rotation, use tar trap to slow them up, it is doable, just hard AF, good hunting !
I did not find this difficult at all. I did this two weeks ago with an average of 1mil dps single target with wrong stat priority (just switched from MM) and I still managed to easily walk through the two bosses with my pet tanking. The only difference is that I put "taunt" on automatic casting and used my "mend pet' ability on cooldown.

If you keep healing your pet every 10 seconds (on cooldown) it practically isn't killable before you kill the boss. Speccing your pet to tank is obvious, and make use of the special tank ability the pet gets when specced into tank. It increases it's HP by 20% for 15 seconds I believe. Also don't forget to use hero on all boss encounters.

My rotation did not differ a bit from the usual raid encounter. Only thing I did extra was placing traps in between my casts for the adds in the latest fase to slow/freeze them down. I even managed to kill Fenryr before the adds were dead.

tldr; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJsy8BJ2ock

I did exactly as this video shows and got him the first try.
I followed the instructions as per the video above, except I died on my first attempt so I was unable to use bloodlust due to the debuff. Instead I used a turtle with the shield and last stand who stayed up pretty easily.

I wore Prydaz and the Roots of Shaladrassil for some extra survivability. I also trapped a wolf in order to kill it, another variation I did from the video is I cleared minimal trash, only enough to get to Fenryr safely rather than the entire zone around the lake.

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