13/13M HFC 8/9 HC Arms/Fury warrior LFG

13/13M HFC 8/9 HC Arms/Fury warrior LFG. i started raiding in WoD but that didint stop me from learning fast and downing Mythic archi several times. ive got achievement for before nerf. i was in a swedish guild recently that had problems recruiting and then decided to disband the guild.
im looking for a guild that raid no later than 22:30 server time. have somewhat same or more progression than me, and is not just a hardcore raiding guild. but more of the social side.
about me personally.
swedish guy at the age of 19. im not shy to talk or take criticism. i now my class pretty well and i always make sure to keep my food/falsks/pots ready and i also always try to know my class to the best, both in talents/rotation and gear.
feel free to contact me if i seem intresting.
<The Disadvantage> is a semihardcore guild who is looking to recruit more people for our ToS HC into mythic progression team. We raid on Thursday and Sunday 19-22 server time. We also organize M+ runs to help socials that want to join and get the weekly chest up and going. :)

u can add me on bnet if u'd like and we can talk:
Om det skulle vara intressant så har några från <lika barn leka bäst> joinat våra guild, Religiös, Luceon, Lajjan och några fler.
Vi är 4/9mythic för tillfället.
Och vi är en helsvensk guild med en kul atmosfär.
Kika in på http://eyecandy-kazzak.shivtr.com om du tycker det verkar intressant.

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