A little shorter macro tags.. any chance?

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Hi there! So, a few days ago, i found out that the pandas & dhs can talk to the other faction, and the mages can also learn their racial languages... so, though i don't know much for macroes and stuff, decided to make a quick popup for lg changer - it actually worked out (though having a little robotic feel as i cant put more than 255 ch..), however, couldn't add some things which would be great like, the worst of them probably be the enterClicksFirstButton=1, ; or to easily reset with Escape etc... The first alone is like 1/10th of the code i can use, 25 symbols - which just cuts it waaay too hard..

Is there a chance that in the next patch, these tags can have a little shorter variants? like, ECFB=1, ie or idk... i am not a programmer and will never, ever be, just sometimes make up some things for myself when i want them (or to troll a fr :p) still, these ..hm.. words.. are just hitting a little too much if we aren't making a whole add-on... thanks!:)

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