927 MM hunter LF 2 days a week raiding guild

LF a social/raiding guild who raids twice a week. prefer 19:00-22:00

8/9 TOS Normal
5/9 TOS Heroic

Hellheim is a social raiding guild. We focus on Heroic raiding with Normal off-raids. If we have time during each tier we will try to progress in mythic. Our vision is to give our members a joyful feeling every time they log on to their characters and that there’s always friends to talk to or go on honorable adventures with.

We aim to be a guild for everyone - no matter your history in World of Warcraft or in real life. You are welcome to be a part of Hellheim as long as you are friendly and enjoy achieving things together with others.

ToS Progress: 9/9 Hc.

We raid Mon and Wed 7 PM-11 PM (Server time). Raiding is never mandatory and you come to the raids you want/can.

If you're interested, please add me (kamidogu#2473) or (Binnx#21536) and we can talk further or read more at http://hellheim.enjin.com/ :)

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