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ADD : CHAOS#21183

Accepting gold on KAZZAK HORDE or SILVERMOON ALLIANCE other realms prices wil increase add me on bnet to discuss price and ty
Fast and EZ ,Recommended! :)
Bought it off this guy, fast polite and easy :)
10/10 very good service and also very fast ! Thanks :)
I got one for myself and one for a friend. Fast and reliable.
Really fast and easy! highly recommend :)
Awesome and friendly seller, instantly got the mount! 10/10
We highly recommend Nextweek, serious guy, polite, smooth run. He helped me and other 4 friends from my guild do get this great mount, very hard to achieve on a high populated server. Don't hesitate to ask his help.
Real deal. This guy is friendly and accommodating. I got that mount within a couple of minutes of getting to Azuna. Highly recommended
Really accurate and honest guy ! If you are buying that mount and wanna be sure that you won't be lied -> contact him !
Very fast and very easy. 10/10 :)
Can reccommend :)
easy and fast - got mount make sure u contact him 100% love my new mount :)
Recommended! 5min or less mount is yours A+
Great honest guy and really efficient. :)
Fast and easy Recommended :)
Extremely smooth service,reliable and trustworthy,definatly recommend this to other people,i can vouch x1000 for this person
Legit buyer,took him like 5min and i had the mount in my bag verry trustworthy
Legit seller and good player you can trust him/her took me like 5 min :D
Legit seller that is efficient and recommended.

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