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Took me 5min, legitness
trust seller
Very impressed by the speed of the boost, couldn't have gone better. Thanks for the mount!
Fast, easy and legit. 10/10
fast easy legit 10/10
Good service and fast
trustworthy ^^
Was very unlucky, but in the end got it :) took me not 5 min but 13. He's legit
Trusted seller! got another mount to my collection! :)
Trusted guy even with my luck we got it under 10mins
NIce and smooth
REally good
helped me get the mount took about 10 mins very fast freindly guy trustworthy thankyou
Thanks Chaos!
285k because of Token cost, but a reasonably fast and very efficient run!
My new mount is wonderful, thank you!
Trusted seller, very smooth and fast.
I've seen the group advertising the sale a few times, and decided to ask how selling the mount worked today. Fifteen minutes later I got my mount, the whole process was incredibly simple and fast.

I would definitely recommend this guy. :)
Legit! To be recommended!
<3 Thanks for my 461th mount, fast safe & efficient.
fast and easy and very nice guy you can trust him
trusted seller! Very kind person, he lead me through the whole process and I got the mount within 15 minutes :D
Legitimate seller, would recommend!
10/10 .... super fast and chill dude. Thanks man!

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