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This guy is legit. Fast and easy mount.
Nice guy, fast and easy. Highly recommend!
Was skeptical at first, but he's legit. Thanks dude!!
Highly recommend fast and super nice player.
Fast and trusted seller
EASY and cheap very reliable guy thx you for the mount <3 it was epic thx you for amazing adventure. guys if u looking for safe seller this is the guy :) . thx again
Fast and easy, very friendly gut. Thanks man
got my mount in 15+- mins, very happy, good service :D
Friendly guy, easy and fast mount - would recommend
Legit seller, I got the mount within 10 minutes. Totally recommended.
Really trustable person ! And i have to say he knew what he was doing and it all went really fast and i got my mount! thank you so much and i definitly recommend this to other players!
Trused seller !

Took only 15 minutes and i got the mount ! Fast and safe, i recommand !

Thank you.
Got mount in 10 min... ez
10min quick turstable recommanded\
Took 10min quick I recommand
Just got this mount from this seller. Trustworthy and fast! Would recommend.
10/10 Legit seller and good player you can trust him/her took me like 5 min.
I got the mount first then paid. The trust he gives random people is amazing.

I strongly recommend this guy
10/10 got the mount first and then paid. Fast and trustworthy, definitely recommend!

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