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Hey guys,

I am looking for a new guild after raiding with Fragment on Kazzak. Sadly the guild disbanded and I am search of a new raiding guild for Antorus. My situation has been quite difficult recently as I have just returned to the game a couple of months ago.

I was raiding with Provoke on Draenor as one of the main tanks, we killed Mythic Mistress around mid August and then had to stop playing the game due to some unexpected irl issues that needed to be sorted, so I had to give up my spot. I came back to the game and Provoke no longer had the tank spot open and were progressing on Avatar, so I was unable to join them.

I rerolled from my Druid to my DK which at the time was my main alt, and decided to go back to playing DPS. I currently main Unholy DK but I am able to play all three specs if needed, I will play whichever spec is needed for the encounter. I am looking for a guild that are around 8/9 - 9/9 as I want a competent guild to raid with, but also a guild that can understand my situation and allow me to show them what I can do, with my DK being slightly behind gear wise, it can be hard to compete with other players that have been progressing through ToS from the start.


So here are some logs from various characters and raids that will hopefully give you a good understanding on what I can do as a player:

Shadow Priest (Early Legion) -



Guardian Druid -

Unholy DK (Current class) -

Some Mythic Avatar pulls with Fragment (More can be found on their Warcraft Logs page -


I am very flexible in my raiding hours and days and I can almost fit any times. I will however only really want offers from Horde guilds, as most of my friends are Horde.

Thank you for reading through my post and I hope to talk to some of you soon!

You can contact me by either of these: - kwepp#2432

Discord - kwepp#1122
We are progressing Avatar Mythic meaning we are at 7/9M atm.
Not really looking for a melee dps. But we are looking for a good and more deep (resd: longterm) recruitment for a DK tank or second choice, a Guardian Druid.

U can check us here:

And add me, manbane#2999, for further discussion.


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