What is your character's biggest secret and/or fear?

Argent Dawn
28/09/2017 22:57Posted by Sallowe
Well that is a given.
29/09/2017 00:46Posted by Marlight
28/09/2017 22:57Posted by Sallowe
Well that is a given.

No, it really isn't. So often you see characters that believe in various interpretations of afterlife and have made peace with the fact that one day they are going to die. No. Death is the absolute worst thing that can happen to a person, even more so in the WoW universe where souls exist. It is a defect in the design, an error to be corrected.

Death is the great enemy, and we will defeat it. We must.
29/09/2017 01:22Posted by Sallowe
Death is the great enemy, and we will defeat it. We must.

Thus the scourge started! Peaceful afterlife is a far better alternative. There is nothing to fear of death, but there is everything to fear of a death achieving little, or at the worst of times. Dying before one can see their children properly raised, dying on a pointless battlefield, achieving nothing.
Fire, every time she tries to use that element she gets burned
Mainly because her house was burned down to the ground with her inside
That and death of course

as for Secrets... I could say one
well she had a crush on an Undead but she was just a kid in that time,
I would say Gredus' greatest fear is "the fall from grace" but seeing as that has already happened to him since the Legion's invasion, I'll instead go with failure to achieve his goal of returning to the position of power he grew up with.

As mentioned above, dying without realizing your dream is a true nightmare.
Yeah, secrets are not being disclosed.

Fears. Massive market crash with a total loss of everything within the Goblin Azeroth Financial Markets.

Seriously that stuff makes him wake up in middle of the night screaming in terror. Forget demons, forget undead, forget large massive dragons. This is the true horror Azeroth face.
Giant spiders!
29/09/2017 02:16Posted by Sörkka
Peaceful afterlife is a far better alternative.

When you're sure your afterlife will be peaceful, yes.

Lintian is afraid of death because she knows that she lives in a dualistic world, one where a soul is a separate incorporeal entity that persists when the body dies. Thus, her soul will go somewhere after she dies, but she doesn't know where exactly, and how good or bad such an afterlife will be, and this scares her more than if she knew for certain that she would just cease to exist.

(There are theories and legends, sure, but she takes them with a grain of salt.)
Biggest fear?

For little Penelope, it would be isolation. Complete and utter isolation. She doesn't do "Being alone" very well.
Moonberry juice.

Brandy here is wholly convinced that the stuff was created by the Old Gods and was the real reason the Kaldorei empire toppled. He theorises that it melts your intelligence away, turning the imbiber primitive and savage like today's night elves.

He also thinks he knows the biggest secret in all of Azeroth, that Genn Greymane was killed and replaced by Onyxia who faked her death twice.

I could go on for hours about it.
Biggest fear? That people stop playing me.
My biggest fear is having the AD live podcast thread locked my Blizz...

Oh, wait a minute...
Yasmyr's already lived through one of her big fears - something happening to her daughter. We all saw how that ended (Redridge, man. Redridge *shudder*)

Currently, her fear is that signing up with The Sun Hawks might turn out to have been the wrong choice; that, rather than it putting a leash on her desire for vengeance and making her A Better Person (tm) she'll end up a far worse monster. So far that hasn't proven remotely true, but the process of learning to accept the other Hawks as just as fallible as she is has been.... interesting.

Her other, less esoteric fear is that one day she'll run into one of her old comrades-in-arms from before The Fall, now on the other side of the Alliance/Horde divide. Probably, knowing her luck, stood between her and Averdale.
Korunnuks biggest fear is abandonment and loss. Be it friends, family or home.

His biggest secret? He chose to serve the Black Queen willingly while she was in her prime, up to almost the end of her reign, really. When mentioning his past though, he will always claim he was corrupted or otherwise influenced.
Biggest fear: Water. Sounds odd, but she's basically useless in the water. She can't swim, and she can't use her powers. This affected her so much so that she refused to turn up on a ship for a friendly meeting once with some marine tradesmen and had to ask them to come onto the pier to talk.
30/09/2017 18:36Posted by Rabbít
My biggest fear is having the AD live podcast thread locked my Blizz...

Oh, wait a minute...

28/09/2017 22:57Posted by Sallowe



His wife.
01/10/2017 02:51Posted by Fizzleplug
His wife.

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