Banter Basement 7/9 recruiting

Banter Basement is a guild created by former hardcore players and was first built on Ravencrest-Alliance on the 2nd of July this year. Due to the bigger PvE playerbase on Horde, we reformed on Kazzak with our core members on 7th of August and have been going strong since. When we first stepped into Mythic with a reformed roster, we cleared the first 5 bosses within 2 days, Mistress in a few weeks time and Maiden in one full progress night.

We are aiming to play on the same level as we did in the hardcore guilds, but on a more relaxed schedule.
Wednesday 20-24
Thursday 20-24
Sunday 20-24
We do not conduct split-clears nor do we require alts.

We prefer having private talks with players that are interested. Below you can find contact possibilities. ben#23201 (GM), donkie#2479 (officer)
Application form:
Discord: ben#2178, donkie#0125

Our logs:
Our Wowprogress:
Progressing KJ now, bump

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