Healer + DPS friend looking for Raid progressive Guild

Looking for Players – PvE

The reason im being so vague regarding what we are playing or applying for guilds as, is due to the fact that both my friend and i have both, Healer and dps classes, for almost every class, that we enjoy playing; so if a guild comes across that would accept us, we would play what was needed. My friend has 2/9 mythic bosses cleared on the current raid, as a 930+ Demon hunter, but loves playing almost all melee. I myself have taken a break from raiding this expansion but would love to get back into it, and am willing to put the time in to get suitable gear, and learn mechanics.

My friend has requested Guilds that raid perhaps Friday, and Sunday nights? As his work takes him away fairly often. We are also both open to Faction and Realm migration should the right guild surface,

Thankyou for any interest
Hey Exíled. i'm an officer at <Penance> [Draenor] and i'm looking for a Healer and DPS. I would like to have a chat with you so we can see if i can offer what you and your friend are looking for.

If interested, can you join our discord? https://discord.gg/cwG7Dvx

Hey, i've logged in, and my username on it is Andy, i can't seem to see your name?
Hello my name is Monkcare,

We're Neverending Night, a semi-hardcore guild on Sylvanas, Alliance, we raid Thursdays and Fridays 19:00-23:00 server time, currently 1/9 M. We're looking for a Healer and RDPS. We're a group of extremely friendly people who like to experience end-game raiding content. We look forward to assaulting the Gates of Antorus together with you and your friend if you wish to join us.

You can add my battletag: AlinamE#2660 if you wish further information and are interested in our proposition.
Hey Exiled,

<Insurrection> on Dragonblight-EU is currently looking for melee dps and a healer for ToS Progress and for future tiers. We are currently 4/9M and raid Wednesday/Sunday/Monday 20:30-23:30 server (yes I know its not the perfect requirement that you are looking for but we're flexible if you are!)

If you would like anymore information or to have a chat then feel free to add either myself of my GM on the following Battletags:


All the best!
Hey, we could be the right guild for you.

We're 5/9 mythic and looking for more players, mostly DPS.

We raid Wed/Fri/Sun 8-11 server time.

Add me on battle.net for a chat.
Hi Exíled,

If you can raid Friday + Saturday we might be a good fit. We're looking for a dps and a healer for our weekend raiding guild Friday Marines.
Our current progress is 5/9M (just got Desolate Host down today).
Raiding times: Fri + Sat 8pm-midnight.
You can see additional details at https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17615634953
Or apply at http://fridaymarines.guildlaunch.com

Good luck finding a new home!
We're <Solenya> (A.K.A, Pickle Rick), a newly formed guild building up a team for mythic content as we cleared HC instantly.

We're all good friends, and we're taking our time to find the right people for the team so you'll have plenty of opportunity to settle in and find your groove.

Hope to hear from you,
MightyThunder- 5/9M. Recruiting geared & experienced raiders to bolster our core roster for mythic raids. Raid days thursdays and sundays 19:45-23:00. Prio, Rdps/healers (no drood) /w for info or visit http://mightythunder.enjin.com/ for app
Hi Exiled!

Our guild is called Deus Tyrannis and we are located on Ravencrest (Alliance). We are looking to rebuild our guild after it has been inactive for some months. We are currently on the lookout for all classes and specs so we can get our raiding roster ready for when the new Antorus raid is being released.
We managed to clear 9/9 ToS HC in the short amount of time we raided, but we want to raid mythic, since we have some really experienced and skilled players - we are just lacking a bit on members atm. since we are rebuilding the guild.
Our core raiders even got 6/9 ToS Mythic progression, so we got a quite strong core.

Our plans for this tier is to fully clear Antorus on Mythic before the release of the next content.
We are a casual guild which values progression and thus raid 2 x week wed/sun 20:00-23:00.

If you are interested in learning more about our guild check out our recruitment post:

Or add me on bnet: Keanon#2571

Or apply on our website: http://deustyrannis.wowalliances.com/

I wish you the best of luck in your guild search :)
- Dalaila

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