935 DH or 933 Feral LF Mythic Guild

Looking for Players – PvE
Lookin for guilds that can raid at 15:00 CEST to 18:00 CEST or after 23:00 CEST Weekdays!!!

100% attendence 5/9 Mythic experience on my NA character.

| Final Evolution is always looking to expand our roster for dedicated players. Our raiding times are 20.15-23.30 on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and we're currently raiding 3/9 mythic now and fighting for the 4/9. | hit me upp for more info.

Some c/p about the guild.

★ Final Evolution ★
We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild located on the Darksorrow realm, which focuses on its 20-man mythic raid team. We have been around on Darksorrow for many years and has as a result achieved a nearly stainless reputation on the realm throughout the years. We pride ourselves, not only on our raiding capabilities, but most of all on our ability to raid competitively in a 3-day raid schedule whilst having a blast with one another, not only during raid time, but also outside of raids in the form of either; challenge modes, alt raids, reputation farming etc. or even just by having a chat in our guild chat / teamspeak.

After Midnight @ The Maelstrom
is a newly formed guild with the launch of Tomb of Sargeras.
The reason i formed this guild is to offer a home for all the players who are like me and cannot play before 00:00 am ST due to work scheduals or any other reason.
One of the main goals of the guild is to unite all those after midnight gamers together in a fun friendly casual guild where we can hangout together when theres not many brave souls awake !.
Another main goal is to form a casual raid team 2-3 night's a week and start progressing Mythic TOS while awaiting for the new raid.

There are very few guilds that offer a similar raiding schedual , hopefully we fit yours ! ( 23:00 CEST + in your case)

What am i looking for?

I am looking for all kinds of players atm, to establish the guild roster.
Especially high responsible ones who would actually put their hand with mine and help me build this guild.
Also even if you don't want to raid with us but u are a casual who just logs in from time to time, a person who loves PVP, or whatever you do. We would love to have you !

What we expect from you :
Few drama, more fun .
Willingness to learn your class and raid mechanics.
Regular attendance on raid nights.
Voicechat. Don’t feel like talking? Not mandatory; listening is.

Raid Schedule +/- 1 day :

Monday 01:00 - 03:30 am ( Server time )
Tuesday 01:00- 03:30 am ( Server time )
Thursday 01:00 - 03:30 am ( Server time )

If you love this game as much as I do and feel the same way I do about what I previously said.
Please join me and help me build this guild.


For further information, or for a talk, you can reach me at
Elie#2654 . I am usually online after midnight ( server time) and sometimes around noon.
TL:DR-post below:

[H] WENDL - Tarren Mill EU
2 Raids per week; Wed & Thurs 18.50-23.00 server time.

1 Healer spot open.
2-3 DPS spots open.

For further questions contact:
Battletag: Tomisen#2647
Discord: Tomisen#8708

Our recruitment post:

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