Blizzard and the poor realm management

Once we had similar discussion on ru-forum. I remember Киджи suggested completely working overall model but which will require forced resettlement of old realms at first. We discussed this separately then, but since you don't understand russian, I'll conditionally show you how it looks on the diagram.

Suppose for a while that question isn't whether subscribers want this, but how it might look like. I stipulate this for the reason that most of people likes current situation and no one wants to change anything. But it's enough to look at what they did with game mechanics, with character models, with animations, with item/loot system, with talents and classes to understand that this fact won't hold back ActiBlizzard in any way. They have a lot of experience in destruction of debugged and working systems. So let's assume that everyone wants it, white knights shout about 'move forward'/'times change' and in general no one asks anyone, but only puts in front of fact => the way they already work for a long time.
(first of all, we accept for the fact the following: company knows how many characters on one or another realm now, which are active and which aren't, and they can determine how many servers of what types (PvP, PvE, RP) are needed for current subscribers; they don't post this information, but they have it)
All resettled during <period> term at request of guilds (greater priority, official request from the guildmaster - all characters from current active accounts will be transferred); if guild isn't fully fit, then it's determined to the next realm; after that already coming characters (lower priority). Filling takes place in order of queue with priority indicated above, and if next addition starts one of factions to overtake other (to a certain value), then this fraction temporarily drops out of queue until this value is nil, another reason for this is when total number of characters in faction reaches a certain mark (at 1st line of active bonus - untill all realms are and then critical value). As long as realm (separate alliance/horde) is low-populated (line of active bonus) they got certain bonus (for example: amount of experience/reputation gained, professions are developing more rapidly, prices for services are lower, auction tax is lower, but in fact, anything) - this is more for new open realms (after distributing). So, when at list 1 fraction of all realms hit critical value new realm is created, which included as only one in queue and where free character transfer is temporarily open (until any of its fraction hit bonus line). How to deal with area between critical value and soft top, I'll leave to your imagination. For example: those who have preferences of certain realm will get in queue to it (in case of seats release and other body movements - during any distributing process). Inactive during certain period accounts/chars are eventually evicted with disruption of all social ties (for char-s) within realm back to buffer area. Before new add-on launching, if number of at least half of realms drops near bonus line level, <number (depends on total realms number)> last created of them are distributed according to the same algorithm (old realms, new realms, month, guilds>characters, buffer, queue). Etc, ets.

I remind you: it's not about desire to change current, but in general about hypothetical system in case it's required. Sorry for the quality, but this is 10 min-s work, still don't see any significant shortcomings. Anyway I'll be glad if you point to them, because it's natural that non of us could test such system in practice, so it's just overall plan :]

ps I already said that
Киджи is engineer of automatic control, the funny part in this - not looking on education, Witch is against almost all in-game automatics even without reference to the social part because it has no theoretical basis (no lore explanatory for that, which always has prevailing priority in such games = lore harm) there and thus destroys fantasy
Cat tax!
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This is easily fixed: just move HALF the Draenor server with HALF the Silvermoon server.

There we go, now we have 2 50/50 servers.

Yeah? Which half with which half? What about people who don't want to be separated?

Maybe pop an ingame voting interface that lets people choose which server they want to go, however they server names are shown to player are X and Y so they cannot actually look it up on websites.

People who want to stay together will talk to each other and choose the same server, X or Y.

Then, you proceed with the process if the results are 40% and 60% or closer to each other, if not, repeat.


Edit:I forgot about horde/alliance/pvp/pve... but I guess you can ask people those too by that voting system and apply the percentage method accordingly.

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