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Hey there!
Basically, i'm here looking for a new guild come Antorus, due to my work schedule, i can't raid on either Wednesday or Sunday, the two days most guilds raid, and my current one does. Therefore i'm looking for a guild that aims to clear Antorus on HC and maybe get into Mythic if time and team allows for it, and that does not raid on Wednesdays or Sunday, or during the weekend.

A bit about me, i'm 28, Norwegian and a long time WoW player, been playing since vanilla, i have tons of experience, raiding as every class in the game, and every role. I've been class leader, officer, raid leader and guild master at some point during the years. I'm serious when it comes to raiding, but i understand that raiding is something that's suppose to be fun, and not all serious.

In current content i've cleared ToS HC many times, on different characters, and 4 mythic kills on my priest.

I'm looking for a new place to call home, server and faction does not matter, i'm willing to transfer. If this at all sounds interesting to you, please leave a comment with your guild recruitment :)
TL:DR-post below:

[H] WENDL - Tarren Mill EU
2 Raids per week; Wed & Thurs 18.50-23.00 server time.

1 Healer spot open.
2-3 DPS spots open.

For further questions contact:
Battletag: Tomisen#2647
Discord: Tomisen#8708

Our recruitment post:
Hey We are < After Midnight > newly formed guild on the Maelstrom realm , the main reason for the guild is the exceptional raid time which no other alliance guild offers that I have seen .
We raid Monday Tuesday Thursday (1:30-4:00 am ST)
The roster is fairly new but is being worked on heavily, we plan on clearing NM&HC Tos as a 10 man very soon and then build towards a mythic group.
We'll definatly be doing NM&HC Antorus as soon as it is there.

If you can make these raid times and are interested please contact me at Elie#2654

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