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Im ehna shamy 890. Played TBC and WOTLK on Retail, and stoped on Cata :(... Last 2-3 years playing some private WOTLK servers( I hope there is no ban for this ;) ), and finaly back.. New in Legion, need some time to catch up...

Looking for some PVE guild. I was core raider (raided for 5 days a week) , but now i dont have so much time, max 3 days ( should be enough ), something around 20:00-24:00 ST.

Able to use ts3 or raidcall ( or wathever u using),funcional mic, ofc :)

Intrested in Mytich dungeons , raids, and occasionally some PVP.
Hello Omnidinn,

<Blood Cult> is the one you might been looking for.

We are a fun and social raiding guild with a 4 day raiding week, outside raiding we spend out time on boosting alts or chill out at M+ dungeons or transmog runs.

Discord is our communication software.

We raid on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 20:00 – 23:00 Server time.

We expect as a raider to attend 3/4 raids a week, if main raider doesn’t suit you we can still offer a Casual/Social spot where you are allowed to fall in on progress raids when we are short on signups or join our farm runs.


For more info feel free to add my battletag Niglii#2640 or /w me, Iamfrosty or Samjer ingame
Hey Omnidinn!

<Guilty Casual>, THE place to be for the modern, fashionable casual, are looking for more people to join the fun bunch!
Our current raiding progress is: 9/9 ToS HC.

We currently have 2 raid days (Wednesday & Sunday 20:00 - 23:00 server time), with an additional, optional Alt raid (Tuesday 20:00, ToS normal). We also organize M+ groups frequently as well as holding other guild events.

You can find more details here:


Feel free to add me on B.Net if you are interested to talk!
Hey Omnidinn!

Dude where is my mana is looking for some Raiders for our Mythic Raiding Team. We could use a Ench shaman such as yourself.

For voice comms we use Discord which is always active.

Our Raiding Days are Wednesday, Friday & Sunday from 20 to 23 Realm time.
Our progress is 9/9 HC Working our way up to Mythic Clearing.


If you would like to chat add me on discord: Billy#6728 or Btag Mrhappybunny#2423

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