7/9M 940 Dps/Tank Monk LF Cutting Edge guild

Looking for Players – PvE
Hello, as the title say I'm a tank/dps looking for cutting edge guild to finish ToS and raid in antorus aswell. Main spec is tank but I can play dps on high level too. Ready to transfer wherever if we make a deal.

Short info:
24 years old, multiple cutting edge experience as mage with whom i played in top 100 guild in ToV/NH. That guild disband so i decided to reroll monk mid NH and been playing it ever since.
-I have 7/9 M Experience in ToS but I have theoretical knowledge about Avatar
and KJ too, although no progress on them.

Mythic and HC logs can be found here:
I'm mostly interested in 9/9 guilds or 8/9 which are close to killing KJ

Contact me on bnet if you have more questions Reality#2556
★ 7/7M 2/3M 9/10M 3/9M ★

Who are Zerglings?
Zerglings is a semi-hardcore Alliance raiding guild on Aggramar/Hellscream server. We’re made up of experienced raiders with many of us having raided to a high standard since Vanilla.

What is the aim of Zerglings?
We aim to raid to the best of our capabilities within the time we have to raid. We want to spend our raiding time as efficiently as possible, working on the hardest raid bosses possible.

What do we expect from our raiders?
We look for players who are interested in self-improvement, strive to be the best and actively work in and outside of raids to achieve that. We expect our raiders to communicate clearly, effectively and productively (either over voice comms or in chat) to help us coordinate encounters and overcome challenges. We expect our raiders to be proactive, point out issues without being asked and speak up when there are uncertainties. Raiders must be mature and able to handle any criticism directed their way constructively, own up to their mistakes and analyze them instead of making excuses. We want our raiders to be able to work together and prioritise the betterment of the guild over personal interests.

Our raiders must know their class and spec to the point that they can play their spec highly competitively. You must be aware on how to play your main spec (and off-specs, if necessary) optimally, maximizing your performance accordingly for a mythic raiding standard. Basic preparations that we expect of our raiders before raids are: obtaining general info about boss fights and specifics about your class/spec for these fights; sorting out your abilities/macros/gems/enchants/consumables as necessary.

When do we raid?
We require our raiders to maintain 80%+ attendance. We understand if you cannot make 100% attendance but missing raids often is disruptive to any raiding team and will be accordingly noted. Our raid times are:

Wednesday: 20:00 – 23:00 Server Time
Sunday: 20:00 – 23:00 Server Time
Monday: 20:00 – 23:00 Server Time

What can Zerglings offer you?
We offer a stable, consistent and friendly raiding environment. We offer you a chance to become a part of a guild that is committed to progressing as far as possible within current raids and continuously being one of the best guilds on the server.

If you are interested in joining us please contact:

Ingame: Imdur-Hellscream
Battle Net: majordefect#2451
Discord: MageTank#8560

Could you add Coburn#5044 on discord for a chat? We’re 8/9 mythic and interested in a tank for antorus

Still active
Still looking for guild
Hi Windwalk,

If you like the sound of weekend raiding, <Weekend Warriors> is a 7/9M guild on Draenor who are recruiting a windwalker monk for our main progression team in Antorus (currently we do not have a single monk in our raid team!).

The guild itself has been around since Cataclysm and several of the original founding members remain today, including the Guild Master.

We're what we like to call "Seriously Casual" - we raid for fun but we take it seriously, we're all 25+ adults with plenty of real life commitments, but who still want to raid and clear as much of the current content as possible.

We raid on weekends from 15:45 - 19:00 server time, Saturday and Sunday.

If this sounds interesting to you, please visit our website, http://www.weekend-warriors.net/

Or you can add me on BattleTag - BestDruidEU#2151.

Hope to hear from you soon!


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