Frost Dk looking for a guild.

Looking for Players – PvE
Hi All.

The guild I'm currently in isn't active so I'm looking for a new one.

I'm on Argent dawn I have only recently returned to the horde, I'm looking for a friendly casual sort of guild one that raids from time to time that enjoys hanging out and helping each other but mostly enjoys having a laugh.
Heyo Richter,

I run the guild Spec Ox on Aszune/Shadowsong.
We are currently looking for raiders, but socials will always have a place with us.
Our guild discord is filling nicely with people who are up for bants and general talk.
If server transfer isn't a problem then take a quick peek at:

Or join up on our recruitment channel and state right away you'd like to join up as a social :) we'll have a little talk and see where things end.

If it is a problem or this is something you'd rather pass upon then i wish you luck in finding a guild!

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