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Looking for Players – PvE
Hello my name is Sodment and im looking for a guild!

I used to raid EN (9/9 normal first day[no hc cuz i left Wow for a bit]) missed NH and ToV and now im Tos 9/9 HC. I also managed to kill Archimonde on normal.

Im looking for raiding guild with 2-4 days schedule(max3.5 hours per day):
Monday till Friday 6.00 pm-11.00 pm
Saturday and Sunday 4.00 pm-11.00 pm

Currently im lvling a warrior cuz i changed realm for upcoming expansion.
I mainly play melee dps and sometimes tank. No ranged at all.

I would really like guild with voice chat (discord,ts) It has to be on EU Defias Brotherhood realm! Its really a must. And guild has to speak mainly english.
i dont mind other languages but on PvE Gm and officers got to explain and talk in english.

With opening of Antorus tho I will be (atleast for first couple of weeks) helping my current guild on other realm, in meantime I will be gearing this warrior.
But if i can i will love to join "new" guild runs.

Edit 1: I wont join a guild that got 100 characters in but 60 of them are guild alts.... Guild have to be active with ability to deploy atleast 30 people each raid day.

Talk to me at #2625

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