[A] MW monk ilvl 945 6/9M kill and 8/9M exp. LF guild

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Hi there,

The reason I am trying to look for a new raiding guild through here is because the guild I was in had too many healers and required more DPSers in which I didn't focus on. I have decided to take my leave to seek something new.

I'm on 6/9 mythic, but fought against Maiden and Avatar on mythic level as well. didn't get the kill though but I know what to do. got ALL the MW Legendre (inc Prydaz) ilvl around the 945, full T20. I also done 1/3M ToV and 7/7M EM, 10/10M NH. my weapon artifact level is almost level 67. got separate gear for M+ (highest is lvl 17) the rest you should ask :)

what I seek is a guild, preferably Alliance that starts off later than 20:30 due to personal reasons.

If you fancy a talk add me up on: Danuchi#2264
looking forward to hear from people.


Hey Danuchi,

Hopefully, you're about to make my day :) I've added your battle tag for a chat, but will leave some information for you here, for your own reference.

  • Firstly, we're a 2 night / week raiding guild. Progress is always rapid - currently 6/9 Mythic. Maiden sub 10%, so will go down the next time we see her :)
  • Secondly, raid days are Thursdays and Sundays, 20:00-23:30 realmtime.
  • Thirdly, we're a horde and on Tarren Mill.
  • Fourthly, and importantly, I'm desperate to get my hands on a decent mistweaver.
  • Finally, I'm not a huge fan of written applications, so wouldn't require you to write one, providing you're happy to have a chat with me in-game, over Discord (or Mumble if that's easier). Although, you're always welcome to write up an application (www.nc.guildlaunch.com) if you'd prefer it done that way :)

If this is enough to pique your curiosity, please don't hesitate to get in touch, even for just a chat. Here is my full recruitment post for a little more detail about us.

I'll just leave that here :)

I hope to hear from you soon bud, but good luck regardless of where you end up.

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