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Looking for Players – PvE
Hello! As a returning player to wow, I am looking for a long term home where some quality, consistent raiding is on offer. Aside from the raiding, I would like to be a part of an active, positive community.

After taking a break, I am attempting to catch up on gear to ensure I have something to offer in terms of DPS.

I have raided to various standards in the past, up to and including mythic SoO on my mage (which is where I took a prolonged raiding break ).

Happy to server transfer and potentially faction change for the right guild.

Raid availability;

Any day from 21:00 server time onwards.

2-3 days of raiding would suit perfectly.
Hi Amana,

Our guild is currently reciting a few more DPS to fill our mythic roster, we are looking for players who have raided in the past and we can help them gear.

We are currently 3/9 Mythic and raid 3 nights a week with an option of a 4 night which we do with out alts for a bit of fun.

Raid Nights:
Wednesday - 8pm - 11pm
Thursday - 8.30 - 11pm ( Alt night - Normal ToS Run )
Sunday - 8pm - 11pm
Monday - 8pm - 11pm

If you are interested please contact me.
Discord: Magetank#8560
Battle Net: majordefect#2451
Hi Amana!

Our guild is called Deus Tyrannis and we are located on Ravencrest (Alliance). We are looking to rebuild our guild after it has been inactive for some months. We are currently on the lookout for all classes and specs so we can get our raiding roster ready for when the new Antorus raid is being released.
We managed to clear 9/9 ToS HC in the short amount of time we raided, but we want to raid mythic, since we have some really experienced and skilled players - we are just lacking a bit on members atm. since we are rebuilding the guild.
Our core raiders even got 6/9 ToS Mythic progression, so we got a quite strong core.

Our plans for this tier is to fully clear Antorus on Mythic before the release of the next content.
We are a casual guild which values progression and thus raid 2 x week wed/sun 20:00-23:00.

If you are interested in learning more about our guild check out our recruitment post:

Or add me on bnet: Keanon#2571

Or apply on our website:

I wish you the best of luck in your guild search :)
- Dalaila
Hey man, I don't know if you would be interested in a faction change, but if you do we might offer you a nice community to be in.

Hit us up for a chat in Discord for more information or visit our web page and drop an application:

Happy hunting champ.
Hello Amana,

I would like to have a word with you, since I think our guild could be close to what you are looking for.

Please add me ingame at whyreddie#21634 or at Discord, Tusco#1309 for a quick chat.
Hi Amana, We are <Just Awful> a Late Night Raiding Guild on EU Silvermoon

We are looking for a few more DPS to help bolster our rooster for Mythic Progression.

Just Awful is a late night raiding guild with a friendly mature atmosphere and a competitive attitude, and we are currently looking for a few new members to bolster our ranks as we continue to progress through the Tomb of Sargeras.

Raid schedule.

Thursday - 2300 to 0200 (Server Time GMT+1)
Sunday - 2300 to 0200 (Server Time GMT +1)
Monday - 2300 to 0200 (Server Time GMT +1)

We have just started Mythic are are currently 3/9. With Heroic ToS on regular 9/9 farm.

We are looking for a few more very skilled dps for Mythic progression.

About the guild.

Just Awful was formed to give a place for new and returning players whose lives might not allow for the traditional schedules of most guilds a chance to experience high level endgame content at an accessible time. Many of us are experienced and dedicated raid leaders with a history of competitive play across many genres, and love helping people experience raiding without the elitist attitude.

While we focus heavily on successful raid progression, it's not all we do. We have a thriving and diverse social scene, and a busy /g channel filled with helpful and friendly guild members who run Mythic+ pushes, Timewalking and weekly quest completion etc. Even if you are looking to just be sociable while you get on with your day to day play, Just Awful could be the place for you!

What we want from you.

Respect your fellow guildmates

Be on time and be prepared. Invites go out fifteen minutes before raid time, with everyone gemmed and enchanted with flasks and food ready.

Listen, learn and understand. We value hard work and a willingness to improve your play. We will always offer constructive advice firmly but fairly.


In game:
Taycess, Azurein, Fireraider, Celania, Dragonchain

Discord: Taycess#9305 Azurein#9986 Dragon#4954 Celania#3376 tempus02#4076 Greph#4086
Heya Amana!

If you can extend your raid times a tiny bit I think you'd be a really good fit for <Solenya>. The guild in short; pull your own weight, don't be a douche and we raid wed/sun 20:00-23:00.

More info here:

If you are interested at all do not hesitate to either contact me or any of my officers!

Hello Amana,

I'm not sure if you are still looking for a guild, but <Animosity> is a mature social guild located on Chamber of Aspects. Our current progress is 8/9 HC ToS and our progress raid nights are Mon & Wed 21h00-00h00 server time. We also run an optional social raid on Sundays (same time) and that is doing ToS NM.

We are not a hardcore raiding guild, as we believe in life > game. The average age is about 30 y/o, and a lot of our raiders are vanilla/returned players taking it "easier" after chasing world/realm firsts. We have a semi-hardcore raiding attitude, which means a lot of bantering between pulls, but we are focused during the boss fights; and we ask raiders to come prepared (know tacts, bring food, flasks, runes etc.)

The guild is chill and has a no-drama policy. This is also not a guild that people only log-on for raids. Any average evening there will be 10-20 people online and doing things. We run a weekly M+ night (altho there is often people doing it most evenings), and a monthly transmog competition. A few of us are also trying to get a PvP team together.

More info is on the website:
If something is unclear or if you have any questions, feel free to add me on Bnet: NeoNebulosa#2789

If we are not what you are looking for, then I wish you good luck finding your guild :)

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