Don't blame the players for toxicity

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20/10/2017 05:03Posted by Jalisco
Don't hate the players, hate the game.

I don't hate the game because with that logic i should hate every popular online game, because all of them has the same kind of toxic people and they always had and always will.

As long as i can't see an ingame rule like "be a c*nt to everyone who dare to waste your precious time" i won't blame the game for toxicity. I will blame the players that decide to be rude because they think their free time in front of a computer matters more than other players.
Well.. component, psychology (system almost always is a real reason)
Do you know what game turns in without a theory of learning, competition and small gaming duties? In Show, a stupid TV-show, >> | <<
don't know what to add more. May be a little of
So, game educates and attracts people depending on mechanisms and content that it provides => it's obvious, that system is really the one who should be blamed.

We are talking about what is happening inside the game, so if murders happens irl, then that's offtopic, but if they happen inside, then it's game's fault, because it's ALL regulated by game's work (within its rules). To say that outside system doesn't influence at all also is a mistake, but much less significant, because virtual reality lives on its own rules and its own social regulation. And no matter how much you praise sh*t, only flies will fly into it, because this is how the system works. So no, you are wrong again - system is really the one who should be blamed. You need to look wider and smarter, and not compare warm with soft.

ps quote is from
20/10/2017 05:10Posted by Tahamine
It's the players that are toxic though.

It's the players that aren't social.

It's the players that won't talk to others.
But they don't need to be, in the olden days, you did
Talking sh*t online is fun. That's all there is to it.
I'm sure others have said this, it is the players fault, don't try and redirect it anywhere else.

I also blame people who don't report it, they are inactively supporting it.
It's society and personality/upbringing. No game mechanic is going to change the person I am or the manners I have... so yeah, blame the player.
23/10/2017 21:48Posted by Жюль
So, game educates and attracts people depending on mechanisms and content that it provides => it's obvious, that system is really the one who should be blamed.

This is on the same level of bullsh*t as some older news when people said that someone became a killer because he played a game where he killed people as well.

If a game can "educate" in a negative way then that guy already has personality or behavior problems in real life as well. I never knew anyone who was like a saint before but he/she started playing games and became a retarded troll after that.

Next time you crash a car into a tree do tell us how you got on blaming the tree for jumping in front of your car...
20/10/2017 05:03Posted by Jalisco
that really, it's not the "players" fault, necessarily.

Actually it is the player base asked for easier access to que's back in TBC and changes where made until this tool we have now late in wotlk .
Its down to us the player base to still police per saa the community .If everyone reported and ignored the bad players life would be so much easier.

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